Moms Toy

A few nights ago I was staying at my mothers unit while she was out of town, so I could look after her dogs. I was bored and decided to head to bed, so I was looking around for her spare iPhone charger, and I looked in the top drawer of her nightstand, not only did I find it but a 10" long suction cup dildo.
At first I was freaked out, and then I imagined my mom fucking herself stupid with it, so I started pulling my now hard cock and decided to stick the toy in my ass. I got some massage oil, put a condom on it and lubed it and my ass up, and fingered my ass until I was ready to try the toy.
I went to the bathroom and stuck it to the ground and started to ease it in. I love pain when I have sex so once the tip was in I rammed my ass down on it, it was so painful so I sat on it and stroked my cock for a bit and then started getting a rhythm going. I felt an orgasm coming to I hopped off the toy, pulled the condom of it and came all over the toy.
It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had. I licked all my cum off the toy and went to bed. In the morning I washed the toy and put it back like nothing had ever happened.

P.S. I'm waiting on some cameras from eBay to set up so I can watch her use it!

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