One off and I’m wanting more

My husband friend saw me upset, I was reluctant to say anything but it eventually all came out.
I said I felt undervalued and was treated like a door matt and was wanting some attention for myself and not all about him.
My husband friend was shock when I told him how he treats me, he even offered to speak to his friend but I said you mustn’t let him know I’ve spoken to you about this.
I went on telling him more things and he was angry his friend was acting like this.
I said this morning we both woke and everything was calm, he got his breakfast then came back upstairs, pulled the covers off the bed and forced himself on me from behind, when he had finished he kissed me on my head and said I love you.
I just laid there waiting for him to leave for work.
My husband friend said that’s terrible a lady should be treated like a princess!
I would never treat a lady like that he said, he went on saying how he would caress, kiss and gently touching before getting anything like he was, he said he has more enjoyment pleasing the lady.
A few days later and I’m still thinking about what my husband friend said, I messaged him saying any lady experiencing what you said would have to be a princess! He replied with a few jokey comments.
Later that day I messaged him again and said, I want what you said...
He replied saying maybe I could get my husband in the right mood, I replied saying, what I meant to say was, I want you to do what you said.
Lots of messages back and forth, this can’t happen, yes it can and so on, I told him it would be a one off and never to be repeated I’m just wanting to feel alive and wanted again even if it’s for a brief moment.
He replied how...
I suggested a few ways and he tweaked them to make sure it was doable.
I was to meet at his house without my car when my husband was doing payroll for his staff, payroll day is a long busy day.
The day had arrived and I was very nervous, I got a few messages asking am I sure about this, this didn’t help but felt like I couldn’t and didn’t want to back out now.
At his house I didn’t know what to expect, we both chatted for awhile and nothing seemed to be happening, he said give me a couple of minutes, I next heard his voice from the foot of the stairs, you want to follow me he said, upstairs we went and into his bedroom, candles and music and without saying a word he sat me on the bed and blindfolded me, my heart was now racing I was shaking.
He started kissing my neck and I laid my back on the bed with my feet on the floor, as he continued kissing he started to unbutton my top, I had goosebumps and my nipples full erected, as he work his way down my body he had loosened my bra and was now unzipping the side of my skirt, my skirt is now on the floor and I’m panting really fast, I could feel his breath over my thighs, with both hands he pull my knickers down and parted my legs slightly, this is when I went to heaven for the next 40 minutes, he touched caressed kissed and licked me between my legs, it was an unforgettable experience, I was so comfortable with my legs open, the feeling inside my pussy went on and on and all I wanted now was an orgasm, he two finger fucked me and I was so close to having an orgasm.
It wasn’t part of the plan but I was now wanting it to happen, I wanted him inside me, it was like clockwork as I thought that he pulled me to the edge of the bed and held his cock at my pussy hole, the second this happened my pussy went into spasms and he quickly pushed inside me, I can feel my pussy gripping his shaft my orgasm felt like it was coming out of a tiny hole and it was gathering speed then boom, I was having the most amazing orgasm ever, he held deep inside me without moving and my pussy was pulsating over his cock, my orgasm lingered it just didn’t fully go away like most orgasm do, still inside me and when I had calmed down a bit he started thrusting, OMG my pussy felt numb but I could feel a sharp like hurting tingle right at the back of my pussy, the more he thrusted the more it started to hurt, then the hurt turned into an orgasm that happened very quickly, as soon as the pain started to hurt more it was to late, my second orgasm was happening, again he help deep inside me.
I took off the blindfold I could hardly speak, I said please tell me you have cum, he shook his head and I said please cum inside me now, he slowly pulled right out of me then went slowly back in and held deep inside me again and I didn’t just need to see his face when he was cumming, I could feel his cock twitching, he stayed inside me for what seemed like ages while running his fingers over and around my breasts.
Why still inside me he said you know when I pull out it’s gonna be a mess, giggling I said I know and not just you’re mess, as he pulled out he stopped still blocking my hole! He then grabbed both my legs and rolled me onto my shoulders and sucked and licked the juices from my pussy, never in my life have I had this done before.
It was a beautiful experience that I’m wanting to happen again and again.


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  • So have you Done it again???

  • Tell you you're a princess and treat you like a whore.

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