Secret Affair

I'm suppose to be her best friend. Best friend don't get involved with your boyfriend but I do. Ever since see introduced me to Sam and talks about him I envied her. I asked her how she caught him. She confessed her cock sucking skills helped her. She was sort of flat chested compared to my big breasts. I started to flaunt my cleavage to him and I knew he liked what he saw.
We went out for dinner. My friend went to the restroom, I pretended to refit my tits in my bra as he looked on. "I can be your slut too Sam if your interested?" I said to him catching him off guard. "Don't you want me to suck your cock while you grope these beauties!" I said while slipping him my phone number as my dear friend came back to the table.
A week later Sam called me. We confessed to each other our secret desires. We got together at the recreation park parking lot where we sinfully made out in the car. I was happy of what he had and jerked it as he sucked and played with my tits. "Tell me if I suck your dick better than her." I said to him as I went down on him. That was the beginning of our secret affair.
Sam would call and invite me over to his place or we get a motel room out of town. We stopped at an adult store and he bought me edible panties and a strap-on. I thought to myself he wanted me to peg him but I was wrong. He confessed to me that seeing a woman wearing a strap-on gets him really turned on and since I let him do anal on me he wanted me to pretend that I was a 'she male'.
We checked in at a motel. I went into the bathroom to put on the strap-on. I came out and he was naked on the bed. I felt I needed to forthfill his fantasy, I place one of the edible panty on the strap-on and shook it off unto his face. Then I rubbed the strap-on across his hard shaft and went down on it sucking away. "Suck baby! Suck it!" he said as he groped my tits. I went on all fours and Sam told me to stroke my cock as he slowly and carefully slid his dick in my ass. "For a transvestite you got hot big tits !" as he grabbed them. He pulled out and told me to hold up my tits as he shot his cum all over them. "You're the best slut that I ever fucked." he said as we showered together and masturbated me.
I know Sam prefers me over my best friend, because I'm his 'she male' slut.


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  • Yeah, he will probably give you up for an actual she male soon.

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