Grandma's New Found Lover

I felt sorry for grandma. She lost her male friend and doesn't socialize. I caught her using a dildo. I knew she would enjoy some company. Her dearest female friend move out of the area to be nearer to her daughter and son-in-law. I decided to fill her void. While we was on the sofa, I confessed to her I was a lesbian and can please well. I placed my hand on her breasts and began kissing her as if she was a man. "You're so young hun. Do you really want your granny to have sexual pleasure? " I told her she needs a boy toy since she had no one to fill her needs. That was the beginning of our secret relationship.
I"m able to bring out her desires and satisfy her. She doesn't hide that she's horny when I'm over. We would kiss wildly kiss and grope each other' breasts. We would start to remove some of each other's clothing to suck and rub each other's tits while heading into the bedroom. We would lay on the bed with our arms wrapped around each other . She would remove the rest of her clothing and say, "You know what I want." She craves to be eaten. Her former boyfriend and girlfriend pleased her well that way.
I would remove the rest of my clothing and place my face in her hairy snatch and suck and lick that old slit while squeezing her old breasts. She gets so freaking wet that I put on a big black strap-on that I leave there and before I could scissor pound her, she pretends that she's sucking her former boyfriend's dick. I would smack her face with it. She would lay on her side lift a leg for me to insert it into her. I get her so turned on that she squeezes her tits and verbally say's, "I'm cumming babe! "
It's great to be able to please and get satisfaction from it.

3 months ago

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