It's a know fact ...most married women have less sex then when they were single .... IT"S A FACT.... there fore they're extremely jealous of young women that have the goods and show it off.... TA-DAAH... most marriages end up with unfaithfulness men cheat with other married women and women cheat with other married men..... while you boys are home pounding your meat and your wives are eating potato chips on the couch watching TV .. she's contemplating how to suck dick at work and not get caught...

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • If you're keeping sore at home. When single wife and I would have sex 3 to 5x a day but only on weekends when together. She worked in another town and was her boss' sex toy (confessed 20 years later). She was using him too, said he was a total heart throb, married -- not a keeper.
    Married we did 3x a day almost everyday for 10 years. Slowed down some in our 40's. We both had flings then. Can't say too much when you're doing what she's doing.

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