Your wife

I want you to watch your wife cheat on you having sex with me without her knowing your watching

Mar 5

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    • I watched my wife cheating on me and I didn't say anything about it for a couple of months afterwards. She was working the second shift in a factory which was 3 to 11 at night. It was a Friday night and I went there to see if she wanted to go out for a few beers after work with me. When she came out she was walking with a black guy she worked with and they both walked to the back of the parking lot to his car and they started kissing each other and then they both got into the back seat of his car and I could see my wife's head going up and down she was sucking his cock then the next thing I see is my wife getting on his lap facing him and she pulled off her top and bra and she's bouncing up and down on him with him sucking on her tits she was fucking him so hard that the car was bouncing this lasted for at least 20 minutes before she got off of him and she was sucking his cock again until he finally started to cum I could see him pushing her head down with his hands she sat up and wiped her mouth with her hand. I left right after that and went home. I don't know why I didn't say anything about it and for some crazy reason I was getting turned on by her cheating. She was fucking other guys but she always treated me good and we had a great sex life together. I watched her a couple of times in the next couple of months doing the same thing and when I finally said that I knew that she was cheating on me she told me that she had seen me in the parking lot watched her and since I didn't say or do anything about it she thought that I was okay with her fucking other guys. And truth be told I guess I was okay with it and that's how I agreed to share my wife with other men and she loved every minute of it knowing that she could fuck anyone that she wanted to and I wasn't jealous about it.

    • Sorry but my wife likes real men.

    • Yeah LOL. My wife has never turned down a bigger dick and yours won't either. And to give you an idea I have a small cock so does that tell you how many times she's fucked other men

    • O know that's why she cheats on you LOL

    • I want to watch her cheat on me too!

    • How about i bend you over instead lol

    • My wife has cheated on me, she has told me so much. I have stood in the dark of my wife’s closet, as someone comes over to our house. Eventually, I hear them come up stairs and see them, kiss passionately and become naked. She knows I’m watch, as she gives another man complete access to her body. I have watched friends, neighbors, husbands, young men, fuck her. I have also seen my wife get fucked, when she didn’t know, that I was watching. That was harder but more exciting and revealing. I would love to watch you fuck my wife without her knowing I watching you use her. Dominate her with your cock. That’s when I see watch the horney slut she really is. You ducking her and her not knowing that I’m there will bring the sex animal out, that I never have had. I watch how you fuck her with your cock and use her until you are through with her!

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