It's Nice When Mom Is Handy

I woke up last night just after three A.M., my cock was so hard that it hurt. My beautiful mom sleeping quietly next to me naked. Her big tits, her tight pussy, her whole sexy body was right there. I moved on top her, gently kissing her lips, my hardness pressing against her stomach. My mom moaned, but she was still half asleep. I moved back enough that the head of my cock was against her already wet pussy lips.

As I entered her, I could feel her bare tits slapping up against my chest. Thrusting myself into her, I finally felt the head of my cock thud up against her cervix at the same instant my pelvis hit her clit. We were made for each other and fit together perfectly. Holding myself deep inside of her hot, tight canal, I bent down and quickly kissed her again. My Mom returned my kiss, opening her mouth in mine and snaking her tongue into my mouth. We embraced tightly, and kissed deeply. Then I broke off the kiss and buried my face into her neck, concentrating on pistoning my engorged dick in and out of her burning channel.

“OH, GOD TOM!!” my mother gurgled, wrapping her legs around my hips and pushing her hips up against me. “OOOHH TOM, HONEY!!!” she cried as her body started to spasm and writhe.

Over and over I thrust my swollen cock deep into her hungry, sucking cunt as our bodies were moving in a heated rhythm.

“OH, TOM....I LOVE IT” she groaned as I fucked her, her hands clutching at me.

“MOM...MOM...MOM!!” I heard myself moan involuntarily as our hips clashed together over and over.

Our passion overcame us and suddenly we were going at each other like two animals!! We were unable to get enough of each other as we fought for release from our burning desire!

“OH, GOD!! OH, GOD!!!!” I heard my Mother grunt every time I slammed my hard cock into her.

Our hips slammed together loudly as we fucked, the loud slurping of her cunt as it sucked on my dick filled the room. At last, after less than a minute of fierce, ball busting fucking, I could feel my scrotum begin to tighten. I could feel myself nearing the point of eruption as my mom writhed and groveled below me, urging me to fuck her!

“OH, HARDER TOM.... HARDER HONEY....HARDER.......I FEEL IT...FEEL IT CUMMMNNNNN!!!!!!!” she finally screamed as her body tensed and her muscles became hard as boards.

I felt her cunt lock down around my cock, squeezing it so hard I couldn't stop it from exploding!

“FUCKMOMCUUMMMNNNN!!!!!!!!” I bellowed.

I felt like the head of my dick had been blown off inside my mother and I couldn't stop cumming inside her. Over and over again, my cock gathered itself and spewed out another load of my thick, hot, creamy cum into her clinging cunt!

“OOOHHHH TOOOOMMMM!!!!” my mother cried out, gripping me desperately as her cunt continued to spasm uncontrollably, milking my dick for every drop of cream I had.

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  • You sick fucks spend hours {some days} writing fake stories and posting them. I just do some research and copy and post facts.
    True facts that all your lies and disbelief won't change. But I'm having fun replying to your fake stories, so write some more. And I will post my replies to them.
    Keep this in mind when you write a new post and spend hours writing it! I will wreck it in less then 5 minutes. I will do it faster because I will now do what you sick fucks do all the time! I will repost the same shit over and over again and again.
    If all you sick fucks don't want to see my posts then don't post new one's.
    Go somewhere else.
    We are sick and tired of incest and pedophilia posts! Yes thats right there is more people posting with me, But feel free to blame it all on me.

  • There is not we, it's just you troll.

  • There is a we sick fuck ass hole

  • Get off Welfare loser!

  • These posts are so nice the replies are hot.

  • Nobody here cares what you say

  • Oh mom, I love your pussy..

  • Oh mom, I love your pussy!

  • Oh mom, I hate your pussy.

  • Trump can't say that

  • WTF does that mean dick head.

  • Can't help answering your own posts. Bravo you limited mentality virgin for life!

  • APPLETON — A Fox Valley mother will spend decades behind bars for sexually assaulting her two young children and making explicit videos.

    The 34-year-old Grand Chute woman was sentenced Monday, Nov. 25 in Outagamie County Circuit Court to 40 years in prison to be followed by 25 years of extended supervision.

    WLUK-TV reports Judge Gregory Gill told the mother her children’s “pain and suffering will go on in perpetuity” and tragically it was caused by the one who was empowered to be their caretaker.

    A criminal complaint says the woman sexually assaulted her 7-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter during the course of several months and posted sexually explicit images and videos online.
    The Associated Press is not naming the woman to protect the identity of the victims.
    My incest stories are true and have better outcomes then your's.

  • Get 'em when they're young because they grow teeth when they get older.

  • Spoken by a true sorry ass mother fucker.

  • Can't help answering your own posts. Bravo you limited mentality virgin for life!!!

  • Drop dead incest lovers told you I won't stop. So get it into you super thick retarded heads. FUCK YOU AND YOUR INCEST POSTS!

  • Wait till you find out your real dad is your mom's brother.

  • Is that your malfunction numb nuts. or did mommy drop you on your head.

  • Great confession that made me hard. The loser below wouldn't know a good story if it sucked his dick.

  • If that shit got you hot. You never got your dick sucked or laid for that fact ass wipe.

  • If that shit got you hot. You never got your dick sucked or laid for that fact ass wipe

  • Go kill yourself incest lover. You are the sick one who wants incest. We are sick and tired of you fake incest posts fuck head.

  • You fucking rapist kill youself
    Albertville, Ala. -- Police say a Marshall County teen raped his mother to get revenge on his brother.
Police say 19-year-old Gary Helms, Jr., raped his 45-year-old mother this past weekend at Willow Terrace Trailer Park on Doyle Drive in Albertville.
It's a twisted crime that police say Helms admits.
"From what we understand the rape stemmed from an argument between him and his brother. And apparently they were arguing over a girlfriend. And the rape was some sort of retaliation towards his brother," said Sgt. Jamie Smith of the Albertville Police Department.
It was unusual retaliation on an unsuspecting victim.
Authorities say Helms' mother was apparently passed out drunk on the couch when the rape started.
"During the attack she did come to and recognize her attacker. (Reporter: As her son?) As her son," said Smith.
That's when, according to the police report, the mother "tried to get away, but he held her down until he was finished."
"It's totally sick is what it is," said Smith.
Helms was arrested and charged with the 1st degree rape of his own mother.
Smith says it's hard to wrap your mind around.
"Shocked, shocked would be more a better way to describe it. That somebody would dip to the lows to do something of this nature. It's just pretty much a shock to the conscience of the general public," said Smith.
Helms is being held in the Marshall County Jail on $100,000 bond. 

    Thats what happens when you rape your mother sick fuck!

  • Ummmm that's not rape jerky.

  • My beautiful mom sleeping quietly next to me naked. Thats raping a sleeping or passed out person ass hole.

  • Authorities say Helms' mother was apparently passed out drunk on the couch when the rape started. Thats more then rape ass hole. Learn to read dip shit

  • Bullshit, sounds like an old penthouse letter,,

  • Answering your own posts again I see.

  • Maybe you can get fucked once you're in prison and the universe will be in balance.

  • Can't help answering your own posts. Bravo you limited mentality virgin for life.

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