Muslim Hijabi housewife

I want my wife fucked by other men

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  • My buddy Bob had me over for a Fri night BBQ with new hot girlfriend Mandy.
    They've going together a couple months, she's a flight attendant. She has 3 day layovers here. Gets dark let's all get in the spa, Bob says. Mandy "no swimsuit, no problem." and she strips down naked. I get to see her naked for 10 seconds,,, WOW. Take it all off and get in, return the favor -- Mandy says. Then she goes WOW -- look at that meat. She's a real schmoozer, but I am hung well.
    We have Champaign. Soon after we're spit roasting her. I'm fucking her, Joe's getting in her mouth. We dry off and chat, she's says that was a first for her. I'm a little embarrassed, I just fucked Joe's hot GF. We never do that again.
    That was 20 years ago. Been calling Mandy wife for 18 years now.
    Be careful for what you wish for.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I would love to fuck your wife , l have 8 inches for her to enjoy , where do you live , l'm in NYC , if that's to far, take her to the supermarket , no bra or panties , get separate carts and watch her ask guys she likes to reach for items on the top shelves and thank them for being so big to give her what she needs , she'll know what to do , hopefully l'll be in the store , enjoy , nyc8incher

  • You are not nearly the first. I knew a Persian man that LOVED watching me bang his wife. I met him through work and over time we got to know each other. He would vacillate between complaining about us over-sexed Americans to envying our hedonistic ways. A few years after we met we got into a long conversation about oral sex. Neither he or his wife had ever participated in that. During that conversation I eventually volunteered to go down on her and show him how to do that. I didn't know it at the time but that broke the ice.

    Later he brought that up again. Weeks later I was invited over for dinner. During dinner he informed me that he was hoping I'd do that demonstration for them that night. When she realized what was happening she blew up. I made my excuses to leave and they both stopped me. She wasn't upset with me she was upset with her husband. She wanted to get eaten out by her husband and didn't like that he wasn't up to just learning on her himself. Well it went well enough to get asked back multiple times. Those follow up dinner invites slowly evolved in him watching me bone his wife.

    The part I didn't get at the time was all the verbal abuse she'd heap on him in Persian while we were doing anything. Looking back I realize that was part of the turn on routine they wanted and humiliation is one of his turn-ons.

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