Destined to be a wife

I am a desperate sissy looking to be discovered by a man. To have this man take me and put me under his control. I would dress, act and become the woman he desires. Sucking his beautiful cock, being fucked in my tight ass and becoming addicted to the taste of his cum. Dressing to please him in dresses, pantyhose and high heels. Taking the mannerisms of a submissive woman. Becoming totally infatuated and in love with my man. Sleeping in his bed giving him blowjobs and riding that big cock. All my male traits being erased I now live as my mans loving wife. Realizing fate has put me in my true place. To spend the rest of my life taking cock as a dutiful housewife. I know he is out there wanting to change this sissies life. Everytime he looks into my eyes he is proud of himself. Taking this sissy and molding the wife of his desires. Not only do I perform great sexually but keep his home looking immaculate. I love keeping house, washing his clothes and being out in public as a married couple. I need a man to put a ring on my finger.

2 months ago


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    • You had me at pantyhose!

    • I would love to turn a young man into my gurl. We’d go out and only we’d know what’s under your feminine clothes. We’d live as a regular straight couple.

    • What a pleasing thought to find myself with you. As you take control of my mind. Removing any male tendencies and locking in feminine womanly wants. Giving me the gift of being with you not only as a woman but as your wife. There would be no resistance and I would become your obedient loving wife. Being out with you in public going about our business as man and wife. What a life!

    • What would I come home to find you wearing? How would you greet your loving man who keeps you in comfort?

    • You would come home to a clean home. I would be wearing a short denim skirt with coffe colored pantyhose. A white trimmed lace off the shoulder blouse. My D cup breast "you gave me" would be held by a pink Victoria Secret lace bra. I would be wearing black 3" sling back open toe pumps so my pink toenails would be showing. I would be dolled up and waiting for you. I would greet you submitting myself to your dominance. Giving myself to you as you hold me and kiss me. Probing my mouth with your tongue as you kiss me. After a hot dinner I slip into a pink babydoll and we are off to bed. I suck my husbands cock with my pouty lips "you gave me" and lick your big balls. Then you take me and fuck me as your wife. Fucking me until you fill me with your warm seed. You shove a butt plug in my ass so I will sleep with your cum inside me. Then you hold me as we fall asleep. In the morning I am awakened with your cock entering my mouth. And off to another day as your dutiful wife begins.

    • All throughout my teens and even before I was a teen I sucked and got fucked by other boys and even men from 14 on. I'm 18 now and want to be with one man who loves me.

    • Iwill

    • Marry me

    • That would be awesome. Standing next to you taking my womanly vows in my wedding dress. Saying "I Do" as you put the ring on my finger making me your wife. A man's loving obedient wife. Honoring my vows to perform my wifely duties everyday. I get faint thinking of it.

    • Queer poofter

    • Don't make fun of him! He is just looking for another fudge packer!

    • I would pack his fudge for sure. He's young and hot. And dirty. Mmmmm, mmmm, Mmmmm.

    • I know you would love my tight little ass. Dressed in my sexy lingerie, stockings and heels. You holding my hips while you pound me doggy style. I would be calling your name as your cock splits me in half. I would savor the feeling of you tensing up then unloading your sweet seed deep in my ass. The flooding of that warm cum filling me up. Then you slam a butt plug up my ass. Making sure I spend the day with your cum inside me. mmmmmmmm!

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