Accepting my sexuality

So I'm approaching 40 and I am finally accepting who I am sexually. I have messed around with both genders and am finding lately that I am desiring to be with whomever. 3ways of all types, couples, getting Eiffel Tower'd, you get the idea. I walk through places playing the who would I fuck game. There have been several guys who I have just wanted to practice deepthroating on and others that I'd like to have just ridden and ridden hard. I'd love to be in the throws of licking a clit and bringing a woman to climax while a guy grabs my hips and just fucks me hard. The key for me, is wanting everyone to cum. I have fantasized about being with trans people, getting them off gets me off.

The problem, I can't. I'm married and my wife isn't as sexual as I am, not even in the slightest.
I would love for us both to experience the sexual ecstacy I fantasize about, but she isn't having any of it. None. While there are valid reasons for her to be more reserved, it is becoming a small issue when she is less and less sexual.

This is where I'll leave things for now I'll write more about my fantasies next time.

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  • It's like you are inside my mind. This post hits home for me in a big way.

  • I would love to fuck you and play all the games you like. You will get more than you bargained for if I fuck all your holes. Yes I want to come and play Pearl Harbor. That is where I lay down and you blow the hell out of me. Lets give that a try.

  • I'm interested in the " valid reasons for her to be more reserved ". I'm lucky in that after we were married, my wife became even more sexually adventurous. After one particularly torrid round of sex, I asked her about it. She told me her mom had told her, the night before our wedding, " I know you've probably already had sex, but, you've got to do anything he wants in bed, if you want to keep him from wandering. " I found that quite interesting since my wife and I were both raised sex negative, the basic thought that ALL sex is wrong and nasty and should only be used for procreation. However, the old gal was tolerant of pornography, as my wife would be. A curious paradox, indeed. I hope you get some fulfillment, somewhere.

  • Well you are lucky to get any sex. look at all the incels out there and the abuse they get and all they want is a relationship too.

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