I want my sister in law so bad!

Here goes my confession. I'm in my mid 40's and have been with my wife for a while now and have been pretty faithful for the most part. I've never really done anything out of the ordinary, until just recently.
My wife's sister moved in with us to try to get herself on her feet because she's had a rough go at life and hasn't really found her footing in life yet. She's in her late 20's and came from a broken relationship where she was treated like crap, so naturally we're both willing to help.
She's been with us now for about a year and has been working and is now doing well for herself.
Anyway, one night, I wake up around 3 in the morning and have this uneasy feeling. So I get out of bed and go downstairs to check the doors and windows. My wife fell asleep on the couch downstairs watching TV, so I check on her to make sure she's not cold. Then I head back upstairs after all is good and decide to check on my son in his room. He's fast asleep with the TV on. I find his remote and turn the volume down and head back out and decide to check on my sister in law, whom I never really check on, as I've never had the inkling to before.
As I go to her room door, it's cracked open already, so I push it open a little more and see her lying on her back fast asleep. As I check her I notice she's sleeping with a very light, but cute snore. The room is lit up by some LED Christmas lights she has up on the wall as decor. The room is a soft violet and gives just enough lighting to see that she was lying on her back, no blanket covering her, her left leg is straight and her right leg is spread outward. And as I was gonna close the door I couldn't help but notice her shorts were a little loose, exposing her nice little panty covered pussy mound that you can just see in the faint light. My mouth opens and my heart starts beating fast as I feel like I've done something bad, but can't help but stare at her panty covered mound. I feel my cock start to get hard a bit, so I back away from the door and head back to my room. I feel my heart beating away in excitement at what I had just seen. It made me smile.
I sat in the bed, thinking "Damn, she is a little cutie. Why haven't I really felt that way about her before?".
Just to paint a little picture, she's a brunette with shoulder length hair, 5'4, about 130 lbs, asian looking eyes, a little thick, but not fat and has grown more and more attractive to me since that night. Nothing over the top hot, but that's changing for me now.
For a few nights after that night,I've been checking on her while she's asleep to see if I can catch a glimpse again of that little mound. So far I've seen her ass barely covered by them runners shorts while she sleeps on her side and I've seen her ass and plump little mound in yoga pants as well. Some of those tights really let you see how she's built and it is not disappointing and everytime I see her... she makes my nether regions ache. I've had to be really sneaky about it at night as to not wake anyone in the house.
One day while everyone was out, I decide to go up to her room to imagine her lying there in her sleep attire, but as I did I get curious to see what she wore that night. So I go to her hamper in the closet and start rummaging through her dirty laundry. Low and behold I find a pair of her tights she usually sleeps in and tucked inside is a lacey colored pair of maroon panties she wore the night before. My heart starts beating from the excitement and my cock hardens and starts throbbing as I pull them out to examine them. I hold them up as if she were wearing them and I look inside to where her muff would be and notice a light colored discharge in them. I'm thinking "Oh my gosh. She gets a little wet while she sleeps". And it made me so freakin' hard.
After examining them I tucked the panties back in and leave here room satisfied and very curious.
Anyway, later that night I find myself not being able to sleep so I go to check on the house. I do my rounds and go upstairs to see if I can catch a glimpse of her cute little ass or if I'm lucky her plump little mound. I creep up to her door, open it slowly and see her lying in her side with her right leg tucked forward. I have an awesome view of her ass and the plumpness of her pussy. Her tights are riding up so much that you can see the slit of her cooch. As I'm standing there at the door I grab my cock and start squeezing it, slightly stroking it through my sleep shorts. I imagine waking her and her being receptive to my advances as I pull her tights down to expose her cute little ass I imagine doing so many naughty things to her and with so much excitement running through me, I cum in my shorts really hard. So hard my legs almost give way. I quickly retreat back to the bedroom and head into the bathroom into the walking to closet to change my drawers, haha.
I was so excited I was still throbbing from the excitement. Anyway, I sat there realizing what I had just done and start to feel a little guilty. But then realize I've also been a little naughty, which I rarely ever do and that made me smirk a little.
I've been talking to her more during the day, teasing her and being way more friendly with her and she now talks to me a bit more which is super exciting for me. My wife is none the wiser which is good, because that's the last thing I need right now is for her to find out I want to do filthy things with her sister.
Right now, I've graduated to stealing her panties from her hamper, sniffing them, licking them and jerking off to them in the bathroom. I've also taken some of her clean light colored panties from her underwear drawer and rubbed my cock head right where her pussy and ass would be if she she were wearing them. I imagine my cock penetrating her while she goes about her day wearing those special panties.
I also, recently discovered a pair of fishnet stockings in her underwear drawer. The kinda stockings with the wide spacing that fit only around the waste and upper thighs.
Holy shit, she's getting hotter and hotter and making me want to seduce her so I can ravage her whole body.
Someday, I want to wake her with kisses. I want to lie down beside her and kiss her deep with our tongues exploring each others mouths. I want to feel my hands sliding under her shirt, softly caressing her soft b cup tits. I want to softly pinch her nipples as they get hard and erect. I want to slide my hands down her short, under her soiled panties to her damp soft lips. I want to slip a finger in, feeling how warm and wet she is. I want to roll her on her back and take her top off. I want to pull her legs up to my shoulders and slowly slide off her sleep shorts and panties but keep her legs together against my chest. And after they're off, I want to grab the back of her knees and slowly spread her legs before me. I want to see her full spread legs and pussy before me. I want to go down on her and lick her pussy lips,I want to suck her clit and labia, pulling them apart with my tongue as she gets super wet. I want to crawl up between her legs and sit above her as I stroke my throbbing cock getting it rock hard. I want to put my cock head up against her pussy lips, stroking up and down, teasing her. I want to place my cock head right at her pussy entrance and slowly ease it in. I want to feel her wetness help glide my throbbing cock deep inside her. I want to see her eyes close as i fill her up. And then do it over again. Pulling all the way out and reinserting myself. I want to stroke my hard cock slowly in and out of her damp pussy. That's what I want. I want to fuck her so bad. I want her in missionary, folded deck chair missionary, doggy, side scissor, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and prone bone. I want to fuck her hard and make her moan and whimper while whispering to her to keep quiet as my wife sleeps down the hall. I want to nail her so hard that she cums really hard underneath me, wriggling and convulsing her legs and hips as she covers my cock in pussy juice. I want that so bad.
That's my confession.


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • I jerked off to my sister in law, and used her hand and feet to jerk it when she was passed at drunk at our house once. Came in her hand and wiped it off with a baby wipe. Wish I would have recorded it.

  • Wife's (Sue) twin (Sonia) and her boyfriend (Jim)where at a party at our house.
    Sonia was expecting Jim to stay over with in the spare room. Near the end of the party Jim tells her he's going home. Sonia is pissed. I lighten the mood by stripping for the twins. Sonia "woo -- look at that meat. lucky girl Sue"
    "Perfect storm, I finally have sleep with twins night." They laugh I keep it alive.
    We're kidding around about a 3 way and telling dirty jokes.
    Sue: Tell you what big boy -- it's your lucky night. But a 3 way is just to weird. You get us one at a time. I'll let Sonia go first.
    Oh fucking boy
    Sonia has her long hair do tied in the back, the only real way I tell them apart.
    We do it in our King Size bed and we need every square inch. How can twins fuck so different.
    Sonia goes to her room and Sue comes in, she high 5's me for making her sister cum. They have identical pussies too.
    Sue and I do a quicky -- to complete the twin fuck. "remember, it's our secret"
    3 AM I wake up and horny for Sonia again. I tip toe over and get in bed, she's still naked "was expecting you" and we do it again. I'm beat and fall asleep with Sonia. 6 AM she wakes "better get back" and gives a good morning blowjob.
    At breakfast Sue's laughing, Sonia snickering "I put my hair back like Sonia's, you had sex with me twice." When Sue's not looking she gives me the tongue to cheek blowjob gesture and blows me a kiss. Week later on the phone with Sonia "she hijacked a first date of mine, pretended she was me and had sex with the guy -- love my sis but we're even now -- was fun."

  • That's pretty hot. All these peeps posting BS or Bogus have no idea that this kinda thing happens in real life. I've got a very interesting story about how I lost my virginity that would make anyone me say bogus too. But it happened, 😁👍

  • Dude, I fucked twins. My dads long-time girlfriend had twins, I ended up having a threesome with them, so it definitely happens! Just b/c it never happened to. You doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to anyone!

  • What a load of bull shit

  • "Pretty faithful for the most part"? How many other women have you fucked?

  • None yet, LoL.

  • So how have you been unfaithful?

  • I've flirted with other women and was kissed by a very drunk female friend of mine. Never had sex outside the marriage though.

  • That is faithful. Not just pretty faithful.

  • OH dear that is just ever so naughty

  • Made a porn vid with sil, wife's identical hot twin, sort of.
    Wife Jill wears a blond wig, Jan encourages her to strip for me. Jan thinks thats The End. We then go in the bedroom and I fuck Jill. Then she takes the wig off, playing Jan she gives me a blowjob.
    Don't tell Jan.

  • BOGUS story

  • So many words.....fake story

  • Yeah. Reality is always short and sweet.

  • Just because I can write better than "Short and sweet" doesn't mean any of what I said is porky pies. You should read my real life paranormal stories that are just as long, if not longer. Then again if you have the attention span of a flies life, then it might not interest you, 😂

  • Your a rude prick

  • I agree, Man! I was being sarcastic since reality is a long, complicated mess.

  • My SIL is older and hotter than my wife, and she looks younger. She lost a ton of weight and got caught cheating. Now divorced and living with us. I’ve been stealing her dirty clothes to include her panties, I wear them, jerk off to them. My SIL comes home drunk a lot of times, I’ve felt her up, seen her naked, but I won’t go any further. I did however use her finger and unlocked her phone, and airdropped all her photos to myself, including the nude ones

  • Excellent

  • When my wife’s sister stayed with us, I also sniffed and licked her panties and jerked off to them. She’s so much hotter than my wife, younger and doesn’t have kids. I worked up the nerve to put a spy cam that is hidden in what looks like a phone charger in her room. Now I have videos of her naked which I use to jerk off to. The little glimpses up her shorts or her skirt and down her blouse drive me crazy. The mornings when she wakes up with a tshirt and no bra drinking her coffee in her short tight sleep shorts drive me crazy. I’ve thought of putting a camera in her bathroom but I need to find a good one.

  • Well u going to ur wife suck a nother b
    She will thir get drunk one nz

  • Don't dream, go for action. By now she must have been sex-starved! Approach her with pleasing and erotically exciting words from the evening and enter her bed room at night. Once you break the ice, there will be no barrier to fuck her! Alternatively, drop a couple of sleeping pills in her drink and play with her body for the first night feeling her boobs and ending with smelling and fingering her pussy.

  • Yeah, drug and sexually assault her. Asshole.

  • I was drunk at my sister inlaws wedding and ran into my drunk mother inlaw. We went for a walk down by the lake and I fucked her bent over a fallen tree. I been married to her daughter for a year and she's been married to her husband for 20 years.

  • I’ve done both my SILs and my MIL. Then they found out, but they told me if you keep your fucking all in the family, then it’s ok. So between the wife and her sisters and mom, I’m worn out. But they keep wanting to be fucked. Literally every day I’m fucking at least one or two of them. I’m running out of loads.

  • My sister in law was over at our house for a get together which turned into a drink fest for the two of them then my wife tells me I have to take my SIL home. Half way home she tells me she wants me to do whatever I want with her when we get there and I am telling her, yeah right, you are drunk. Before we get to her house she is already taken off the top half of her clothes and shaking her tits at me. I get her into the front door and she is begging me to stay and make love to her, keeps telling me she can deep throat cock like no other woman can. I get home and my wife is passed out on the couch and all I am thinking about is going back to my SIL's house and screwing her brains out which I did not do because I figured there is no way it would just stay a secret. So I get her to bed and she wakes up while I was getting her undress so she did not wake up with deep red marks from her bra and she is like Oh, baby, you want your cock sucked then passes out again face down on the bed.
    I told myself if this shit ever happens again I am screwing both of them at the same time and let them wake up naked with each other.

  • Whole load of shit, next time you post fiction make it shorter, goose

  • If it's too long for you to comprehend, go back to your Mother Goose reader.

  • My confession and you can always scroll by and not read it if reading is to hard for you, LoL

  • Too hard for 80% of the people here, your a goat

  • Oh gud & nice. Now i m hot

  • One drunk night at a lake house with my sister and her husband, I was 18 and they were both 28. We had been drinking all day and it was late, my sister fell asleep in their room, I was taking the sofa. My brother in law and I were still awake and sitting on the porch, he put his arm around me and it felt really good. We kissed and his hands were all over me. We went inside, and we had sex on the sofa. It was the first time I ever had unprotected sex, no condom and he finished inside me, which was scary. I never told anyone, but the fear of getting pregnant I had so overwhelming. Luckily I didn’t.

  • Would you do it again?

  • Wow. That would be scary for sure. I don't think I'd ever have the balls to go unprotected for the fear of getting someone pregnant. So, is your sister and husband still together and is it awkward to be around him at family functions?

  • They are still together and we’ve never spoken about it. It was the wrong thing to do, and it would not go over well obviously.

  • I had a relationship with my wife's sister.
    Her kisses were electric her boobs were bigger and firmer than my wife's and she had the sweetest trimmed pussy.
    But we got caught !
    Now I have no wife or her sister her family have nothing to do with me.
    My children have gone with my wife.
    My own family say its my own fault my life has gone to shit.
    I'm so alone now life is hard. It was great and I had everything. All I will say is think about what you have to loose.

  • I've thought about how to fuck my SIL without anyone knowing. The only way is if we both agreed that it'll only be once or twice and that's it and no "feelings" can get involved. Just like a fuck buddy.

  • I would still fuck her my life went the way of yours got caught fucking a busty red head so know how your feeling but I would still fuck my sister in law tomorrow if I could

  • Always imagined fucking my ex wifes sister real turn on getting a good eyeful of her full big tits

  • My sister in law needs me to give her a good fucking older than the wife she is 60 great tits and nice ass so sexy since her much older husband died, wears low tops tight dresses god she makes my cock so hard

  • Wifes sister I checked out her ample tits when she got on all fours to play with our small dog, I even moved my position to get a better view, no bra and a halter neck dress her tits were so inviting I'd fuck her so hard given the chance .

  • I think most married men would fuck their sil. You always want what you can't have

  • I'd like wife and her sister in a threesome

  • Aint that the damn truth, LoL

  • My wife's sister has big tits. I can't help but look at them everytime she's around. Their younger brother was getting married and my wife asked me to go with her sister back to her place to get a folding table for the reception. I had been checking out her sisters tits all day. Anyway, we're in her garage, and again I looked over at her tits. She finally says "oh for fuck sake, here just take a good look", and lifts her shirt and bra up exposing her tits to me. Then she says, "Are you happy now? Can we get the table now?" Got to admit I was a happy man.

  • You should have sucked on her nipples

  • Wow I also image being with my sister in law I just feel for her but eish no chance

  • Nicely written , very erotic , continue to have her , l to am going for my SIL , l've waited to long , it's time . I've written my post about her , " Wanna fuck my SIL Sue" , keep replying

  • Go get you some. I'm working my way up to my SIL too. She just recently found a BF though, just a few days ago. Not sure what's gonna happen with that. It still doesn't change the way I feel about her, 😊.
    Right now she's in the shower getting ready for work. Oh how I'd like to peek in there right now. Haha

  • Let me know if you're making any progress

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