I need it

I am an older woman. A BBW. 65 years old and have the desire for a younger guy on my road. He is in his late 30s should I even try for this?

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Met an older woman on tinder I'm 53 she was 80 went back to her place fucked her every way she loved my cock in her tight old pussy.
    I had no issue getting hard or cumming for her.
    Up to now she is the oldest I've had 70, 74 but want wifes mom she's 88 I'd fuck her so hard.

  • Thank you I did do it with him and we have done it a few times since. Believe it or not I think he loves my fat ass .

  • My husband and i have rented a room out to college students for a good ten years and it was only after i reached 60 that i got this terrible urge to feel a younger man inside me and once i had i can assure you age did not stop a young student coming into my bed now and then.You have to be careful to use protection and not lose sight that its just lust and seldom lasts.

  • Yes, go ahead - be bold for once for a good thing! You may get what you need to satisfy your urges. If you fail, there is nothing to loose.

  • I did try invited him in for coffee on morning and approached him and he accepted. His first cum was quick but he gives great oral. And surprisingly enough he is married to a thin beautiful woman perfect ass and he loves my fat ass. This is the best sex I ever had. I don’t want it to stop

  • I’d love to see what you look like .....email me...

  • I’m in NYC

  • I had my co worker 62 bbw huge tits went to see her a lot after her husband died one thing led to another she would give me hand jobs and suck my cock till I exploded in her mouth.
    By 2 months I was fucking her doggy the only way I could fuck her god what a big ass I cum a flood in her pussy.
    I was 25 years younger.

  • I’m in my late 30s and am always up for any encounters

  • Where are you from

  • P.s. I’d love to see what you look like email me naughtyd82@gmail.com

  • As a 30s male who would like such a thing I would say be tentative and explore slowly. Let it build up to the point where you’ve given enough subtle hints that he makes the move.

    Make some excuse to get him in you house. Help etc... don’t be too flirty but just enough. Make sure your “goods” are visible enough to catch his eye. See if he looks.

    Depending on if you’re single make some quip about it’s “good to have a man around the house”. If he’s attached make sure you never mention it. Allow him to indulge in the fantasy mentally and compartmentalise his home life from his fantasy.

    Try and get his number and slowly start gaining familiarity.

    And when you do get your hands on him...... screw his brains out.

  • I wish i m ur frend i give u real & full pleasure daily every night

  • Be bold and try or miss forever! You will love a young cock and he a fat warm pussy, I bet!!

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