I hate cats

I'm a Service Tech and have come to HATE cats. Most houses with cats reek of cat p i s s. Over flowing litter boxes that are usually in the utility room where I have to work. I learned early on in my career it's worse if you go outside for fresh air then come back into the stench of a house.

I don't know how cat owners live in a place with urine as a room scent. I've run Tom cats off that were trying to leave their p i s s mark on my tool bag. One time and only one time did we allow a renter to have a cat. I felt sorry for her being alone and had a minor disability. I did require she put a $500 pet deposit.

She seemed to always be late with her rent and quite frankly was a nuisance to the neighborhood with cops by selling pills. I went to court to get her removed as she refused to leave. When I did get into the house it was flea infested. Every corner in every room was piss soaked.

Brand new carpet was shot. I had to cut the sub floor out as it was soaked clear through with cat piss. $6000 in the hole due to this bitch cat owner.

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  • Maybe you missed the title of this site. "NaughtyPosts"
    Then again you are writing about pussies being bad and costing you a lot of money so I guess your story fits the bill.

  • I find a small egg cup of antifreeze is good way to neutralize the odor issue.

  • Permanently 🐈🥃👅😻💀

  • Cats suck. Dogs are much better.

  • Sign me up for cat hair all over the furniture and on my clothes!

  • Yeah, I don't like cats much. I take care of my neighbors' cats when they're gone. I'm kind and attentive to them, but deep down I'd never have one myself. I'm just not a pet person in general. People say pets are great companions, but I think that depends on what you consider companionship. I know I'll sound crazy, but if I'm lonely, it's for only two things: Intellectual companionship and sexual companionship. A pet can't give either of those.

  • Yeh been through that and still love my cats anyway, cuz most people smell or their kids stink.

  • Since some people don't bath regularly you it justifies cats pissing up your house??

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