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My buddy is kind of a loser, people ask me why I hang out with him. I just say he's all right. He might be a loser but the one thing I can say about him is... he sure can suck cock! He gives better blowjobs than any girlfriend I ever had. He even swallows! I don't even have to ask. Usually it's the first thing he does when I get there. He even calls me up ask me to come over so he can suck me off! The funny thing is, he doesn't act queer. He's just a regular guy that I can fuck in the mouth! Then we go out and party with our other friends. He might be a loser oh, but he sure can suck cock!

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  • He can't suck dick like me!

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I had a friend like that, passed away and not much going on in his life but he could suck a mean dick

  • Do you return the favour?

  • Of course for years

  • Whoa

  • Lucky you! How did it happen the first time?

  • My first time was he lived with his girlfriend and was over there when she was away for a few days. We were partying and he said let’s go in the bedroom, I said no way, and we went back and forth. I finally said I’m outta here but have to piss first. When I came out of the bathroom I was bare ass with a nice hard 22 year old boner,, it was a fun night and there was a bunch for several years

  • To whoever liked it send a story

  • It just does

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