My wife is trapped

I get what ever I want from her sexually, she is well over three hundred pounds so sex is not exactly what it used to be just eight years ago. She does not work, barely gets out much because she is to embarrassed about her weight. She has told me numerous times not to leave her, she will do anything for me.
I love how good she sucks my cock and have had her do it for several orgasms with constant sucking. Her pussy is so big her lips do not even touch anymore but her ass is tight as hell, love just poking the head of my cock in and out of it. What is really great is once she is on floor she cannot get up, I get her down there, lube of her ass and just slowly screw it until I cum a few times. Her pussy is still fun to fuck but loose as hell. I had several orgasms last night doing just that to her ass.
I get my cock sucked everyday before I even get out of bed to get ready for work, she knows it has to happen and just opens up when I get on top of her. When I get home from work, sometimes I unzip in the garage and pull my cock out and it does not matter what she is doing when I walk inside, she is sucking it.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • It works. I was having at my hot older sister for awhile anyway, but, when her job went on strike for 4 months one year, I paid most of her bills, which was kept between us at her request. Rent, car payment, insurance, phone, etc. Unless it was a small bill and she could handle it, I paid. We really kicked up the sex to every day if not twice per day, including my surprise stop-ins after work for a little action with her. She mentioned about being thankful for what I was doing for her, but, started feeling like my personal fuck doll whore. That's when I told her, yeah..You are. As long as I'm paying for you, including hair and nails (our shared thing..we had a fetish for her very long, polished nails. I used this time, too, to tell her how long and always jet, fuck-me red, and she did it), you will be exactly what you said.

    Even after the strike ended, she had to start saving again, so I kept up with major bill paying, as much to help her as to keep her as my ready-made fuck doll.

  • Mine is trapped, in a different way. I married her after my first wife and I divorced, I was 38 and she was 24. That was five years ago. I make really good money, and she was a waitress at a restaurant I’d go to with clients. We met, I flashed my money and Mercedes and house with a pool, etc. and she fell in love. I know what kind of girl she is, she wanted money and I wanted young hot ass. We both got what we want. She’s an alcoholic, she drinks a lot 3-5 times per week and when she’s drunk I have my way with her any way I want.

  • True Love. In many ways, you might be the luckiest man on earth.

  • Sounds like you got it made. Just make sure you do something nice for her to show your appreciation

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