Best friend from high school

Well I was at my favorite gay bar tonight having fun and my best friend called and ask if I would meet him somewhere he was down visiting his wife family so I said yes and so he told that there was a public's next to where they were staying so ment him there he ask if I was still a sissy crossdresser and I said hell yes I am he said wow so I got there I was in a mini dress and heels so we talk for awhile then he ask if I would suck his dick I said in the car or outside he said out in the open so we got out I got on my knees and started sucking his cock after it got rock hard he ask if he could fuck me so I bent over the hood of his car and told him to fuck me good and hard so he fuck me and in about 30 minutes went by he ask where I wanted his cum I said inside me and boy did he cum it was hot too I loved it so after he was done we talk for a little while longer then he said you are a fag I said no I am a sissy fagget crossdresser and very proud to be one so he ask me if he could kiss me I said yes so he did again and again he you are very special person and you are a crossdresser I have made love to and I will never forget this time we have spent together so we kissed and said our goodbyes I gave him my number and to him if he wanted to fuck me again just call so I hope he calls he has a huge cock love big dicks I love men

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  • I love that story. I’m straight but would love to fuck a cross dresser. U must be very pretty and sexy.

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