Never thought I would say this...

I’m male and whenever I visit my parents I will always drop by a say hello to an old female friend, we met 35 years ago and stayed friends.
It doesn’t matter how long we haven’t seen each other we continue where we left off.
When I last spoke to her I said I watched a TV program about vaginal rejuvenation and couldn’t believe women but themselves though such a thing to have a different looking pussy when it looked great in the first place.
My friend went very defensive towards me and made me feel as if I had said something wrong.
I asked why you reacting like this towards me, It was just a TV program.
Ok she said let’s talk about something else, about 20 minutes later out of the blue she said “I’ve had that done” done what done I said, vaginal rejuvenation she said, no way I said, yep had it 7 months ago and I’m very happy.
As we continued talking about this she seemed very different, like excited and very confident, then she got her phone out and showed me before and after pictures and OMG what she has now is terrible, I went along saying it looks amazing but in all honesty what she had before looked real and much better it was a pussy how you would think a pussy would look, but now it just doesn’t seem right that’s all I can say it’s dreadful.

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  • Go eat some of it and report back

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