Three nights a week

Three nights a week my boyfriend works nights, what he doesn’t know is those three nights I’m sliding large objects in my pussy, I love the feeling of something to big to go inside me, the stretching feeling feels awesome, the pressure is key to it feeling amazing, I also love the after feeling, little tender and loose and very wet.

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  • When we first were married my husband used to work all kind of wacky shifts. I worked from home. Needless to say I used to pleasure myself all the time. I would strip naked and play with my toys. One day in the middle of the day someone rang our door bell and I had just started playing with myself. The person that had rang the bell said "hello I know your home I see your car" He sounded like my husband. I though something was wrong and he came home early. So i put my panties on and throw on my blouse and answered the door. Wrong. It was the pest control guy. Anyway he needed access to the house to complete his job. He came in and notice all my toys on the couch and commented somebody has been having a good time. As he said that I was bending over to pull up my pants my tits fell out of my blouse. He went for it grabbing my tit opening my blouse up and stripping me naked. We fuck for two hours. That was the start of me inviting repairmen salesmen and anyone else with a dick and pretending I forgot they were coming and greeting them half naked. Bottom line I enjoy the human touch more than the toys.

  • Haha, 2 nights a week my husbands brother stays with me and the kids so we don’t have to be alone, and in return I allow him to have my body and I pretend to be his women

  • Get your boyfriend to fist you sometime

  • My wife’s got this big 10 inch one with a suction cup, and she can’t fit it all in her.

    What she doesn’t know is I can fit the whole thing up my ass!! I literally stick the thing to the wood floor and ride it all the way to the base! Bare ass cheeks to the floor. When I’ve used it in bed I’ve had it to the point of only just having hold of the suction cup, before it disappears lol

    I know it’s no coke bottle, but I’m proud of it lol

  • Lovely I do my ass with large cucumbers such a thrill finding the biggest in the supermarket knowing I'll be fucking myself silly with it later

  • Most nights when my wife works late I find myself wearing her lingerie and playing with her toys. So embarrassing to admit.

  • I have my own toys. I always love wearing pantyhose and panties and thongs. Love fucking my ass.

  • Love to dress up find a large cucumber and fuck my tight ass deep I cum loads over my lovely silk panties
    My wife has no idea

  • Do you ever get off my sticking things up your asshole ?

  • Oh yes I love to

  • I can now accommodate a coke bottle in my stretched vagina. Now I am trying to stretch my pee-hole with objects - starting from my eye-liner to any thicker ones - can insert my index finger in with lube. Every time I do that my clit becomes throbbing-erect and with little stroking I reach a smashing orgasm.

  • Careful he doesn't start to think you are cheating on him with a massively well dicked guy.

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