My Balcony Story

I am a 15 year old boy, and one night I was standing in my balcony and suddenly thought of masturbating there then I became naked I closed my eyes and started jerking off after 10 mins I opened my eyes and saw my neighbor girl and another neighbor milf was watching me they both recorded the video I saw everything but I ignored that after more 15 mins I finished up masturbating licked those cum and I saw they were still watching me I have been there for last 25 mins but I thought of masturbating again so after taking 5 mins rest I started again and this time 8 of my female neighbors was watching me as I have masturbated 5 mins before my dick was not hard but still I kept on jerking after 30 mins I again cummed this time also I ate all the cum and I was feeling relaxed I went to my room and cleaned my self it was a great and pleasurable experience.

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  • I am a guy who has had 3 girls ask me to jack-off for them. They usually giggle when hearing the FAP FAP sound.
    It is humiliating but in an exciting way. It gave me pleasant memories when in Vietnam which I volunteered for.
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  • Confront one of them and ask if she wants to join you in the masturbation session. If she agrees, then the others will join you getting information from the first one!

  • I agree , say hello when you see them , see what response your get , remember your cock is there to give and receive pleasure

  • Those filming you could be charged for posession of child porn.

  • Not if they gave it to the police so they can send the sick fuck to the mental hospital where he belongs.

  • Judgemental much?

  • I agree his sick in his head

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