My time with our Nanny

So before I confess this, I wanted to say right off that I wasn’t expecting what happened. My wife is attractive, 5’6 dark hair, pretty, C-cup and a really nice ass. When we do have sex, and that is a big when, it is pretty good. She knows how to use her ass to make my eyes roll. Problem is after the kids, the excitement and spark just faded and those fun electric moments were gone. We did talk about it but we just have less and less sex, which is somewhat common in longer marriages.
I always thought I was in good shape for my age, just turned 38 and still had somewhat of a body, still an outline of abs (although not the 6 I had in college). We just hired a babysitter for my young son (6 years) and it wasn’t my pick. Erin was 18 and in her senior year of high school. She was taller than most girls, around 5’9, long red hair, and pretty with a nice smile. She was really good with kids too. She bonded pretty well with my son.
It was summer, so lots of outdoor stuff was going on. We would put a large inflatable pool up in the back yard as they loved to go swimming. The first time I saw Erin in her swimsuit I started to get hard. So, this wasn’t common for me to get hard just seeing a half naked girl since I have seen a lot of girls naked, but Erin had it in all the right areas. She wore a dark one piece suit and would bend over in front of me when I came out to talk to them after getting home from work.
A couple of weeks went by and Erin and I had several good talks, about college and boys and general fun stuff. We were able to have good conversations and by now I was drawn to her. She was bending over the kitchen counter looking at her phone one morning (my wife left for work early every day and came home later). Erin was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. She signaled for me to come over to take a look at something on youtube. We watched it and had a laugh and I turned to leave. Not sure what came over me but as I passed her I felt her ass with my right hand – both cheeks. Now I know she must have known what I did and my heart was racing. As I came back in the room to leave, she just smiled at me and told me to have a good day. Whew, maybe she did think it was an accident, but wow her ass was perfect. Didn’t really move at all l when I felt it – was very tight.
A couple of weeks went by and the conversations turned flirtatious. I was beginning to look at her chest at times when I was talking to her and I caught her staring directly at my dick once we she was talking to me – and it was obvious as she looked at it for a good 30 seconds. I thought I would push it a bit so one morning I walked by her again and felt her ass once more, this time slowly. No reaction. Weird I thought, so I moved on. She continued to flirt and once put her arm around me and her head on my shoulder as we sat on the couch, but I thought maybe I should stop.
The following week was a hot one and the pool was out once again. Erin changed into her one piece and my son and her had a great time swimming. I decided to take my lunch hour and go home. I would say it was because I wanted to take time to go home or save money by eating there, but mostly it was because I wanted to see Erin in her swimsuit. Suddenly I hear the backdoor open and in came Erin. My son was already out of the pool playing with toys on the porch. Erin asked me to get her a towel and stood their dripping wet, her suit painting her body, nipples slightly peeking through. It was all I could do to stop my dick from becoming completely hard in my shorts. I wrapped her in a towel and she thanked me and went to change in our bathroom. I called my son in and put on some TV for him, which usually took all his attention when he was watching it.
I was standing in the kitchen when I heard Erin call out from the master bed bathroom. I went in to see what she needed and saw the bathroom door cracked open just a bit. She asked me to bring in my son from outside and I let her know that he was in watching cartoons. She thanked me and I started to walk back out. In a cracked voice I heard her tell me that she left her clothes on the bed and wondered if I could bring them to her. I said sure and grabbed her shoulder sack from the bed. I walked to the bathroom door and told her I had them and reached out toward the crack in the door. All of the sudden her arm came out, grabbed the sack, and the door opened half way. She said thanks as I looked up. There was Erin, totally naked with her left arm around her tits. She was blushing pretty good as her face was a little red. She asked me if it was ok that she was naked. I said, sure I have seen it before. She then asked me if I liked what I saw. By this time apparently my dick was bulging out of my shorts in a pretty obvious way. I said, of course, you are amazing. She said “I can see that, come over here.”
She pulled me in to the bathroom and locked the door. Erin had perfect tits, also C-cup and very perky. She leaned me against the counter and kissed me. I kissed her back and grabbed her naked ass cheek with my left hand. Wow it was perfect. We started making out pretty heavy and my hands were jumping between her ass and her tits down through her hips. She unbuttoned my shorts and yanked them off with one pull including my boxers. My dick bounced out in front of me as she dropped down and started jerking me off. She started to lick my shaft up and down and then put it in her mouth. She was a bit awkward as she tried to find rhythm as she looked up at me. I was just trying not to cum yet.
I pulled her up and picked her up on the counter. She opened her legs and I went down to lick her pussy. Wow is was really wet so not much to do there. I stood up and started to put my dick in her. She was tight, it felt like 10 minutes of slowly sinking into her. Once I got most of my 8 inches into her she gasped loud and covered her mouth, moaning out. I started to fuck Erin on the bathroom counter, the longer it went the more she started to get in rhythm. By this time all I heard was our panting and the distinct sound of skin on skin slapping, with a couple of items shaking on the counter. I looked down and her and her eyes were rolling, mouth open and breathing heavy in a nervous way. Suddenly her legs started shaking and she lifted her body off the counter and started slamming her pussy into me. She fell back to the counter and covered her mouth, almost screaming into her hand, her whole body shaking. As I looked down her stomach was vibrating and she had a huge rush of wet come over my dick.
Erin looked at me and said, “fuck that was awesome, I love your dick in me.” I started fucking her faster after that, her head against the mirror and her legs out in a V pattern. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh fuck yeah” is all I remember hearing until I pulled out and literally sprayed cum all over her tits and stomach, a little got on her chin. Wow, both of us let out a huge sigh. I kissed her and she grabbed my face and kissed me back. I held her for a bit on the counter and then we decided to get dressed to check on my son. As I reached for my boxers I noticed a little blood on my dick. I asked Erin if she was ok and she smiled and said she was great. I asked “Erin, are you a virgin,” which she replied “well not anymore.”
That summer we must have fucked 3 times a week every week. We had sex in the bathroom, in our room, and even in my car a couple of times. Fucking Erin from behind was almost an out of body experience. Her ass was amazing. She was amazing.
Turns out my wife slept with one of her co-workers during that time, so I didn’t feel so bad. We are better now and Erin has a new boyfriend. I will never forget that summer though. Part of me wishes she would come back to visit us sometime – she is 22 now and looks better than ever.


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  • Nicely written. Thanks for sharing.

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