I wanna get knotted

I have fantasies about a dog taking me doggy style and fucking me till we knot does anyone have a dog that has some this and willing to let him do me I'm female

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  • So darling do you still want to get knotted or is it all too hard now ?
    It clearly looks like you have lost interest in your fantasy.

  • Hmm, I am sure you are willy wacko windsor.

  • I live in Seattle , once or twice a week I'm with my dog. I wait until my husband goes to work and I bend over the ottoman. I love it. Jody

  • How was ur first experience

  • My first was when I was a kid. I was scared and I couldn't get him to stop. I had a body shaking orgasm for the first time. Lol I literally thought something happened to my body

  • Would you ever consider letting someone watch as you do it ?

  • I have and would , as long as there are no pictures or videos of it being taken

  • I'm in tukwilla very close to Seattle , I promise I will be respectful and of course not take any pics. I'm a teenager is that ok ? Also I'm a female.

  • Yes deffo

  • Before I commit our nice cool Sheppard could you please advise :-
    About where do you live, nothing really specific ?
    How old are you ?
    What is your sexual experience ?
    What sort of a relationship are you currently in ?
    Would like to help you out.

  • And I'm 32

  • Thank you darling, I take it you also posted below being from the midlands that sounds great I am so pleased that your husband knows and supports your fetish, just a few more things, I would not want your husband watching till you were more experienced, comfortable and taking Curly's knott, you would need to be aware that you would mainly be naked with me and there would be quite a lot of touchy, feely with me positioning you etc. also I would be playing with your pussie a lot lubing, fingering, ensuring you were ready etc.
    My name is Beth I am 40 my husband says I am pretty with a nice body, I have assisted two of my friends already on the same path and they totally enjoy it. xxx

  • Your reply's seem hopefull means slot xx

  • That sounds good to me I understand that the first few times could be painfull too thanks for getting back to me xxx

  • Darling it will not be painful that is why I would not go ahead till I was certain you were ready, Curly is large but after feeling you out a few times and advising what size dildo you need to practice with then lubing and not letting him knott till I was sure is all part of the nice experience.
    Let me know if you are sure you would like to meet.
    Beth xxx

  • Also I know I will love it and be soon wet and turned on that il be begging for u to let him go xx how can I private message u

  • I'm 100% sure I've used big dildos before and been fucked hard I love it even used double ender etc and my Dildo is pretty wide TBH and it's does make me real noisy I'm hoping he may make me squirt xx so then he can do me again xx how many times can he go in one session xx

  • OK think of a discreet coffee shop near you preferably with outdoor seating and advise the site, you would need to meet with a shortish skirt and no underwear I would bring Curly to give you a sniff I obviously would not expect him to fuck anyone he does not like.
    Without knotting he could do you twice, when he knotts he would hump you for at least 25 minutes then knott and you would be locked for up to 35 minutes, his sperm is nice and warm different from your husband's.
    Beth xxx

  • I would rather go somewhere more private?

  • Like where ? please name ? Sorry darling not initially , It is essential that I would like to meet and have Curly sniff, I would like your partner also at that meeting so everyone knows whats going on, if your not interested in an open place for coffee that's fine, you appear to be eager but I would like you to be prepared to name a meeting place, not too sure where you are but am prepared to assist you but only if you really want it.
    Beth xxx

  • I do really want more than anything

  • So just think about a pleasant place for coffee near where you could be I would like that you involve your partner I really would love him being there and we could meet with Curly I want him to have a nice sniff please be discreet and advise, I would like to know where a bit closer not region such as town
    Darling you might be getting closer to getting knotted I am sure you will love it
    Beth xxx

  • Darling just a couple of things to consider, when we meet and Curly gives you a sniff and approves I would need to inspect your pussie and feel you up to see how elastic you were and how quick you get randy, I would also like you to have an orgasm for me.
    Do you have any objection to a woman playing with you, your partner could watch ?
    My two other girl friends and I have a nice play when they come over to be mounted by Curly we really like that and noone is concerned if my husband is around.
    Beth xxx

  • I don't have to bring my partner he's not fussed I have no problem with u touching my pussy do what you want to do x

  • Well darling this is promising, after I inspect your pussy and finger you up I will bring a strapon about the size of Curly, have us both naked, lube you lightly on all fours and mount you doggie and give you a work out to determine how you feel about everything.
    Sounds like you certainly don't not mind having sex with another woman, I think the three of us will have a great time.
    Beth xxx

  • Darling I have been giving this a lot of thought, how about we meet for a coffee with your partner and if we are all happy we can go to either your home or my house what ever is best for your inspections and qualification's, we could leave Curly's sniffing for the next day.
    Please give this a great deal of thought and discussion with your partner and advise me if you really do want to continue ?
    I hope you do darling I am certain it will be a fantastic experience and one of your bucket lists ticked off, somehow I am sure your partner would be quite horny and excited at the thought.
    Beth xxx

  • I'm in the UK, midlands I have never had the opportunity to try this but I fantasies about it alot I do have a partner and he knows about my fantasies and it turns him on he would love to watch I just want to try it so much and then if I like it which I know I will me and him could live my fantasies more thank you for your reply

  • Good girl. So fun to watch

  • Well you clearly will not be you dirty perv !!!!

  • Well ................. this IS 'naughty posts.'

  • What does that mean you clown .

  • Darling you would need to undertake a little training, lubing, dildo's etc. first mounting missionary later to doggie, mounting and humping without knotting a few times ( I would hold his knot out) before you got the whole deal however it certainly would be worth it, I have a nice patient large in the right place black Labrador that is very experienced and I would love you to explore his love.
    If you are keen and near would like to arrange a coffee to discuss.

  • Thanks for ur reply I have been fucked with a big Dildo and as though I was being fucked by a dog, yes I understand that I wouldn't be able to knot the first time but I'm willing to work with someone to hopefully fulfill my fantasy I'm in the UK (midlands)

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