An unexpected pleasure

We don't sleep in the same room and we haven't for a while. It's not that we don't get along because we do. The baby sleeps in her bed and she snores like a chainsaw. I sleep in the den. It's on the other side of the house and can be closed off for privacy.

She wakes up before I do. She comes into the den and lays down beside me while I'm asleep. I sleep naked. I'm still 90% asleep. She reaches over and starts playing with my cock. I ask her what time it is. She tells me it's almost 7am. I tell her we probably don't have time for sex because I have to get up for work. She asks what time I have to be at work. I tell her 7:30. That part is true however since I'm the foreman of my construction company I could be late if I wanted to. What I don't tell her is that I had jacked off before bed and I don't think I'd be able to cum so soon afterwards. Instead of sex, I eat her pussy. It's not what she wants but it still makes her cum. She reminds me that it's been a month since we've had sex. I tell her that I would if I didn't have to be at work so early.

I go to work. I'm there till about 6pm. I get a couple beers with the guys afterwards and then head home. I don't text her as I usually do. When I get home I notice that our oldest son's car isn't in the driveway. I walk in and notice that the lights are out in most of the house. The 4 year old is also not home it seems. I strip down to my boxers in the laundry room and wash my clothes. I head back to the bedroom.

As I get closer I hear moaning. It's probably just Erin masturbating. I love to walk in and see her pleasuring herself. Its something that I very much enjoy. I walk into the bedroom. What I see isn't my wife masturbating. I see my wife on her hands and knees. There is a work friend of hers behind her. He has his hands on her big round ass and hes fucking her. She is sweaty from head to toe. Her hair is half soaking wet with sweat. Her belly and big breasts are swaying back and forth as her lover fucks her. She has her face buried in a pillow.

I stand there and watch. Neither of them even notice I'm there. She stops sucking long enough to say, "Harder. Harder. Oh God I'm going to cum again soon. Fuck me baby. Fuck me harder. Yeah. Just like that." He moves his hand from her ass to her sides. He is pounding her pussy. I clear my throat and say, "And just what is this?"

They both look at me. Erin says, "What does it look like? It looks like I'm having sex. You can either watch, join or leave us alone. Your choice." She turns her head back to her lover and says, "You aren't done yet, are you?" He says, "Getting close." She says, "Well, keep going."

I didn't know she had it in her to fuck someone else. I do admit seeing her naked and being fucked was something out of my fantasy. I was rock hard seeing my chubby slut wife being fucked. A few minutes and he says, "I'm going to cum soon. You want me to pull out?" She says, "No. Leave it in. I want you to cum inside me." He keeps pumping and then starts moaning and unloads inside her pussy. He stays there in that position for a few more minutes with his now softening cock still in her pussy. He pulls out.

She turns over onto her back. She's out of breath. She's laying there with her legs spread and I can see his cum in her pussy. He gets up and puts his clothes on. He leans over and kisses her. A long kiss. With tongue. He then says, "I gotta go babe. See you tomorrow." She says, "Tell Stephanie I said hello." He nods to me and leaves.

I'm horny as fuck. I don't know why. Shouldn't I be mad? She says, "I got another couple rounds left in me. Nice and wet too. Come get on top and fuck me."

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  • Sounds like a cuckold fantasy more than reality, but a pretty good one at that!

  • You'd be a stupid fool for not being mad and taking action against them. How you didn't beat the living shit out of the guy is beyond me. You should have started pitching all her clothes and other belongings out on the lawn and had her leave with her "work friend". Then you should have filed papers against her asap. Finally you would then become free to find a younger, fitter, more appreciative and loving wife for yourself.

  • You should be mad as hell. Any self respecting guy would have been over the top mad and thrown her cheating ass out the house along with the guy. You need to call the best divorce attorney in town and initiate proceedings immediately. In the meantime, she has just given you a lifetime free pass to do all the cheating you desire. Take advantage of it.

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