Girlfriend's dad is racist

I've been dating this white girl in my 4th year of university. She's the "dream girl" with blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. I've been having fun with her but I never met her family because she hasn't brought them up ever. I didnt care until one day i came to pick her up early because there was no traffic in front of her house. She responded almost freaking out saying why I didn't tell her before I came. I just shook it off and watched a video while waiting. Suddenly her dad comes slamming on my window all serious. I've met other angry dads before but he caught me by surprise again when he asked "this is a good neighborhood boi are you lost?" (Im mexican btw). She came running out yelling "That's [my name]!!" (I also have a white sounding name). He turned around to me and just walked away saying something to her on his way back. She got in my car and apologized all red. Later that say she explained that her dad is one of those Trump supporters and if i were to come over he'd definitely wear a maga hat for me. So i did what anyone would've. I took her to my place and fucked her so hard that night and brought her home late. I still do it sometimes when he gives me a look when picking her up :).

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  • Made up story.

  • Sounds like YOU are the racist, assuming that all Trump supporters are racist. There are over a million Blacks and Hispanics who voted for Trump.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Stupid confession

  • I love your response to her father's behavior towards you. You should take her home filled with cum next time!

  • I’ve pretended to like Trump just to fuck some ho white bitches. The best part is when I say, you’d let Trump fuck your ass...why not me? Then they give in and I do anal on them. The surburban ones are good too, chubby moms that like him, I grab their hair from behind them and give it to them tough. Then I send them back home or to their hotel.

  • Your a clown for calling a blonde hair and blue eyes a “dream girl”. Hope the dad gives you everything coming to you.

  • Haha so fucking salty hope the dad dies on the spot

  • Lol I'm fucking one of your "pure" whites :P. Whites are just too small :/ her words :)

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