Want To Satisfy My Seven Year Itch

I guess I'm tired of married life. I'm raising two kids and my husband doesn't try to be frisky to me. Granted, I put on some weight, but I'm a woman in my mid 40's that craves attention and Paul, friend of the family seems interested in my body. He's dating my husband's aunt. She's half the size that I am. Granted I have big saggy breasts and ass that shows when I wear tight jeans, I love to flaunt what God gave me. My husband doesn't seem to care.
Paul is somewhat older than me but his physical shape seem to turn me on. I guess he was turned on by how I looked and started to feel and slap my ass. I should of ignored him but I liked the attention and smiled at him. He started to press himself against my ass when he helped me with dish cleaning at family gatherings and grab my tit hanging over the sink. I get home and play with my toy while thinking of him.
I began to touch his private area whenever someone wasn't looking. He would smile and grin. We began to grope each other whenever possible. He would push my top up and suckle on my tit while I handled the cock that he has with nice big veins on it and a big head. He would dry hump my ass while squeezing what he calls udders that I have.
I couldn't handle the teasing anymore. I told him that I needed to get fucked by him really good somewhere secretly. Finally the opportunity came. We went to his place where my so called aunt seldom goes. We undressed each other in the bedroom and groped wildly slapping the private parts of the body. He slapped my face with his cock and I squeezed his ball sack really good. He pushed my legs apart and ate my wet pussy really fantastic while I suckled on my udders, as he calls them. He then shoved his cock deep in me while I played with my clit. He kept pounding me hard and deep. That cock felt so good inside me that I began to scream and moan from the pleasure it was giving me.
We fuck once in a blue moon but family members is beginning to be suspicious of us. I bought my husband a cock sleeve to but on his dick when he fucks me and slap my tits with it


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