I guess I Am A Peeping Tom

My wife and I got some new neighbors about a year ago. Nice couple, he is around 40, balding with glasses, his wife is a bit plain but one of those thick and round types, not fat, just big hips and big boobs.
I have chatted with them a few times, she often wears a soft top, and he boobs leave obvious bumps in the cloth.
I was looking one day trying to not get caught but she noticed, and simply gave me a half smile. Probably proud of them, they are pretty big.
A few weeks ago I was in our upstairs room, it's sort of a man cave and i go up there to get away from when the wife is watching her soap operas.
I happened to glance out, there is a gap above the curtain in their bedroom, and I got a glimpse of her walking by naked, drying herself off with a towel.
She glanced up, I didn't think she saw me, she just turned away and went out of sight.
The next day I went back up, looked out and the curtains were wide open, first time I ever say them like that.
She came out in a few minutes, didn't look up, and sat facing me on the edge of the bed. She was using the towel to dry herself again, then she spread her legs and toweled off there.
I thought that was it, but she reached for some powder, then began to spread it over her pussy, legs wide open, bare boobs, great view from not 20 feet away.
Now she has done that four times, I am thinking of going over there and knocking on her door, since her hubby is gone to work.
Man, I want to bang that, it's about all I can think of.
But, I am unsure, is she just putting on a little show, or..? I know that she knows I am up there watching, but I don't want to create a fuss.
What should I do?

3 months ago

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    • I don't think you're a peeping tom, you're really more of a peeping opportunist. You're watching a woman undress and groom from the safety of your own home. Nothing at all wrong with that. Ask yourself these two questions : Do you like observing her ? Do you want to continue to do so ? If the answer is "yes" then DO NOT walk over there, thinking she's giving you a private show with a subliminal message, and hit her up, or, you will ruin your situation, forever.

    • Open your a bit see what she does .

    • Give her a show of your own, walk around naked so she can see you, then turn to face her & throw her a kiss, if she’s interested she’ll let you know...

    • She's another man's wife! Leave her alone. Find a single woman and make her another wife for yourself then you can play whenever you want. I have two wives, best thing ever.

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