I desire my niece's body

One night I slept over at my sisters place. She has a step daughter. One night, i slept in their guest room and their daughter came into the room to bug me. She was wearing this cute little sun dress to bed. I was in bed and she kept jumping on the bed trying to get me to get up to play with her. I wouldnt move so she came up to my face and sat on my face. This was a surprised to me, but I didn't move and she started bouncing up and down, saying "come on uncle". She didn't really know what she was doing but she wouldnt stop. After about a minute of her sitting there, bouncing on my face. My dick was getting a little hard. With her pussy right over my face, I had the idea of eating my niece out. So I said "fine you wanna play!?" I wrapped my arms around her legs, flipped her on her back, pulled her panties to the side and started sucking on her pussy. She started giggling, saying it tickled. She was so surprised but didn't stop me. I guess it was her first time, and it started to feel good to her. After a while my dick was hard, I told her to put it in her mouth. She did it, and did it like a pro. I guided her as we went a long. Her parents never found out because she likes having me over to practice. So its our dirty little secret. One day I will fuck when she grows up into a beautiful young woman. Until then, her mouth is mine to fuck.


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  • I did basically the same thing with my 9 yr. old step daughter. She had her crotch over my face one day and I kissed her panties. She loved that and I asked her to let me pull her panties off. She said okay but I had to kiss her pussy. I kissed, licked, and sucked her beautiful smooth little girl pussy for almost 2 hours. It was sooo exciting listening to her panting and moaning in excitement. Then her 6 yr. old brother came in and seeing what I was doing, wanted me to suck his stiff little cock. I loved sucking both of them. Then I modeled all my silky lingerie that my wife let me wear. They loved the fact that I wore silky lingerie, and we did this several times a week for the next 7 years. I was in Heaven.

  • Gross, why your son. nastyy man

  • Here's to you having a toothless mouth in jail for all to fuck.

  • Holy fuck off clown, just a story for all you sick fucks on this site.

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