When I was a teen I wanked in my best friends sisters bed!

When I was about 15 I was staying round my friends house, now my friend had to get up early for his paper round and I didn't have to get up, so I stayed in bed.

After a little while I realize the house is really really quite! Then I remember of coarse, his mum and dad were on their way to work and his younger sister was out, I cant remember where. I liked his sister, she was a couple of years younger, but we always used to bicker with lots of flirty innuendos.

Anyway being a horny 15 yr old who had to get myself off as many times as possible a day! I was laying there then a thought popped into my head, her bedroom was right next door. I had to check it out!

I get in there and straight away spot her dirty washing, jackpot! Standing there in just my boxers rummaging through trying to not mess it up too much so as not to get caught, I look across and see her unmade bed.

I couldn't help myself, I dropped my boxers on the floor and jumped in her bed, all snuggled up like I had slept in it myself. With a raging hard on! I had the most amazing wank! and lots of cum.

Now I'm laying there in my best friends sisters bed with a handful of cum! I didn't plan for any of this, so I'm thinking of where wipe my cum, hmmm! why not leave my mark, so I wiped it on the inside of her pillow case.

All these years later I've never told anyone this.

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  • U made me hard reading this... u shuda stolen the knickers to wank over afterwards

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