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I would like your readers thoughts and opinions on what I'm going to tell you about my wife , We have been married for 17yrs , I believe we get on well we have are ups and downs like many couples , I was the only guy my wife had full sex with , When we talked about this she always said it did not bother her she only wanted me , But recently she seems bothered by this that she got married too young and missed out , I can't do anything about this I've tried , She tells me she's bored fed up hasn't done anything with her life , She goes out with her friends from work a couple times a month but recently she has been going out once a week , Sometimes I don't know where she has been during the day , She always looks good so its hard for me to see any change in her appearance , One night when she got home from work she wanted to talk to me , I said what's the matter , She said I think we need a brake , To which I said what do you mean , i was shocked , My wife then said i love you but I'm not in love with you , What does that mean ? , I said his it somebody else who his it , She said no its nobody but I did not believe her , We argued for along time before she said lets forget it I was just being silly , I know she said this just to stop arguing , One time when we was talking im sure she called me by another name , When I pointed this out to her she said don't make something out of nothing , Has time passed on some months later my wife wanted to talk again , But this time a kind of confession to get something off her chest some sort of guilt , My wife told me that she got friendly with a guy a while ago that he was really nice , I asked her if she loved him , She said love his a strong word but I really liked him a lot , So I said where do we go from here , Then she told me he had moved away , So I said did you fuck him , She said No , I asked her how far did she go with him , She claims nothing happened because she his married ,So i said i want the truth if you was not married or on a brake tell me this would you fuck him , She said yes because you would not be in the picture , So I said that means you would suck his cock let him lick your cunt and suck your tits then , My wife said if I was single yes what would it matter , I only said those things in anger she has never told me who it was she was seeing . Do you think she cheated , How far do you think she went with him , And what should I do know . She said she would do anything I asked of her to make it up to me , Do you think that's guilt ?

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  • She banged him and felt guilty but she loved it and will do it again and again and again. your turn!

  • You could be right , I hope your not i don't think she will ever tell me the truth no matter what , there's must be signs I should have looked for , but what can I do know

  • What difference does it make what any of us think?

    Only your wife and the other man know the real truth.

  • I really want your input , This is all true , I need your thoughts to help me out please tell me what you think

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