My grand daughter is starting gymnastics soon but is not sure what to expect about underwear under her leotard wear or not wear some female do some don't.

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  • I'd love to fuck all these girls

  • I agree and do

  • Would love to help you fuck lil girls

  • Thanks for offering

  • It's about time you should be starting to inspect her pussie for pubes and get her used to shaving, please don't forget to also have a good look at her bum crack for any fluff that needs removal, don't want those little matters subtracting points from her performance.

  • Thanks for advice

  • How old is she?

  • Hi she is 13

  • My g/daughter is 12 and does gymnastics she wears a small black cotton thong under her leotard,I've seen it after a long session and it's full of white cum stains

  • Hello hot I would love to buy a pair of them will you sell me one ??

  • No pity you not local you could visit me like lots of girls do at my house in school st llanbradach south Wales 56

  • My g daughter has taken to wearing nothing under leotard . she tried underwear but decided against wearing it . she looks great in her navy blue leotard .I noticed that when she did wear underwear under leotard I could see vpl .

  • If she asks why she shouldn't wear underwear, you could say it helps with chafing. Granted it might not so you may want to look into that.

  • She has tried her new leotards with and without underwear and she decided she prefers without her friends that come to my house to train with her in spare room are going to try and copy her.they like her gold leotard.

  • You should take pics would love some

  • Gareth I knew that, the bright sexy colours get all the attention especially without any underwear just adds a major bonus, make sure you get a real special one for her first competition maybe multi bright colour's but don't show her friends, take note of the scores xxxx

  • I agree with you

  • I don't think it matters if she does or dosent

  • You obviously have not got children in this sport and know very little about it, better not to comment if your only going to make a goose of yourself

  • I not interested in sports side of gymnastics just the fun side of keeping fit and healthy.ijust fund her and provide space for her and mates to have fun as there not a lot to do here in boring llanbradach Wales. only thing going for llanbradach is her school opposite my house and her and mates some where safe to go after school till parents finish work and collect them.

  • Try it Gareth and see how it goes check your girl against all the others just pay attention to whether they are wearing underwear (easy to detect) and sexy bright colours or not I can assure you there will be a big difference in attention and scores.
    Let us know, but I already know.

  • I took her into Cardiff and got her new leotards one in navy blue and one in gold . the gold one looks great on her .

  • Bet she gets a lot better scores and attention when wearing the gold leotard for the same routine as in the navy blue, you will be off to Cardiff again soon getting bright pink or silver leotards to ensure she is noticed.

  • Thanks for replying.yes no doubt I will be returning to cardiff to buy more leotards as she tells me most of girls in group have more than 3leotards .

  • Thanks I will.i am taking her to cardiff this afternoon to look at leotards with intent to buy her a couple .I put forward your colour ideas .

  • No underwear that is what leotards are for in gymnastics the body is supposed to be as close to natural (naked) as possible and the leotards should be extremely sexy so make sure you get a very bright colour like pink, red or gold.
    I am certain our daughter received more favourable scores because the judges got an eyeful of her nice little body and her teacher gave her extra special attention.
    I know her teacher loved hands on all over her body whenever she could.

  • Thanks for replying I agree with you that a leotard is better worn next to skin .

  • Gareth if my young granddaughter wears leotard with no underwear she always get real camel toe you can really see her pussy slit,I notice all the guys can't take their eyes off it,so it is embarrassing for for me than her.

  • SI took her to gymnastics club yesterday and she looked annoying some girls wore tight shorts over girl had thin tights on over her red leotard .I and g daughter don't see point of shorts or tights over leotard.i agree with your thoughts . she off school this week so she stop at mine . some of her friends coming to my house later this week as she got my spare room done up as practice area .

  • Take pictures and show us

  • Hell yeah take a bunch of pictures

  • Already one step ahead of you thanks for replying

  • How is she looking ?

  • She looks great

  • How can we see ?

  • You can not as they not online for perverts to droll over they in my personal family album at my house in llanbradach unless you live local

  • I live quite near perhaps we could look at photos together,are you alone in house,I could bring photos as well we could enjoy them together

  • Hi I live on own if you look at my nickname the first two digits my door number the rest is post code .feel free to visit me my surname Hyde Google me .I opposite school hence name of st

  • Bet it's nice and quiet and private for us to enjoy photos

  • Yes it is nice place to look at photos and nice view at back and front of house look on Google st maps you see what I mean

  • Would you dress up for me,I want to get sucked off by schoolgirl

  • Grow up you idiot I don't dress up as school girl .I see enough school girl and boy at my house opposite a school

  • Darn

  • I guess you not local then pity

  • I say do what you feel is best. But showing her tiny little pussy to everyone may make problems for her and everyone later in life.

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