Now I know this might sound like complete BS to some but I swear its true. Ive recently had sex with a celebrity. I promised I wouldnt talk about it or say who she is for her own image. But to be completely honest, the sex wasnt that great. I mean she was tight as hell, which was great, and she basically did everything I could want a girl to do, but that was the problem. I was looking forward to her being more demanding and controlling as she proclaims herself to be in her songs. She always goes raps/sings about how she does this, or how she does that, and how good her pussy is and shit like that, but when we had sex she was more timid. Almost as if she was shy. I easily controlled her. She got on her knees, flipped over, moved her legs, and bent over all on command. And after we both finished, we just cuddled and kissed. Which was extremely weird to me cause I was expecting to be kicked out of the house you know? Cause I mean she is a big celebrity and im just a nobody to her. I guess I wasnt expecting it to be so intimate. The next morning she even cooked for me and called a cab to take me home. She asked for my number in case she was ever in town again but wouldnt give me hers so I couldnt just use it all the time. Its been a week since its happen and its all I can think about lately. I hope she calls me back. Not just for the sex. I want to be more to her than just that. Its weird I know, and I know I should just be happy that I fucked her, but something in my heart yearns for her.

7 years ago

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    • Really? Haha
      This is a joke, right?

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