Behind closed doors

I’m a lesbian and for the last 4 months I have been getting my pussy licked by my male friend.
I met my partner 14 months ago, the first 8 months life couldn’t get any better! Then she got a new job and we barely see each other, we don’t live together and she was coming home from work so late and tired, her two days off a week didn’t sync with my 2 days off, we keep in contact with each other every day.
My male friend has been a good friend, mainly listening to me go on! Over a 2 month period we shared many stories we didn’t know about each other.
He asked what am I missing the most, I reeled off a list of things and at the end I said I do miss having my pussy licked, we both laughed and he said (jokingly) I can help in that department!
A few days later we were watching a film together and it was rubbish, I turned the Tv off and we just chatted a bit, without saying anything we both looked at each other and just knew what was going to happen, I was the other side of the room in a chair, he got up walked over and unbutton my jeans, as he pulled them off my knickers came too, he knelt down and gently started kissing and licking the inside of my thighs, my legs now are wide open and my bum is on the edge on the chair, it could have only been 2 minutes and I was having an orgasm, my first in over 2 months.
He didn’t try anything else, licked my pussy to orgasm and we continued chatting again.
This slowly went from once a week to twice then three now I text him whenever I’m wanting my pussy licked.
It’s a great setup / deal for both of us, I’m still missing my gf as I’m only get to see her twice a week now, one lunch break meet and a Thursday evening for a couple of hours which is spent in bed together!

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