Helped our relationship

Earlier this year my wife and i started having issues. We been together since we were both 21 were are both 32 now. We have a 8 year old daughter and 2 year old son.
Earlier this year we started having alot of issues and fighting alot. Couldnt agree on decisions together.
Well she started hanging out at her friends house where she threw get togethers alot. I often would stay home with the kids while she would go to her friends.
In February she met a 48 year old black man named Jason at the get together. She exchanged info with him. She would start to develop a side relationship with him. A side relationship i would find out about in mid March when i would get really suspicious of her constantly taking off of work, wearing thongs constantly. (She never wore thongs) and wearing tight jeans and low cut tops often.
I would grill her about where she goes in her time and lack to answer the phone. She would take the kids to daycare and go over to Jasons place to hang out and or have sex.
As we talked about everything, and agreed on many things. I understood why she did what she did. We always fought, no sex or i had trouble getting it up. Sex was always pretty plain for us three positions we always did were me on top, her on top or doggy style. Plus the pressures of raising the kids.
So i decided to let her continue her side relationship with Jason. So she would see Jason days she is off during the week when im at work and kids were at daycare and usually friday nights after kids are in bed i let her leave house and she would stay at Jasons house friday night and she would come back sunday afternoon.
On week ends when im alone id lay in bed and jerk off thinking about this 48 year old black man fucking my wife.
As my wife would tell me stories of their sex they would have.
They experimented with so many positions even ones that were hard to try. She described Jason as having very high sex drive and high stamina. He is always ready for sex. He always eats my wifes pussy out and even eats her ass.
My wife said Jason loves when my wife deep throats his cock ( which he has a rather large cock) and loves to cum in my wifes mouth while she is deep throating.
My wifes favorite positions with Jason are Doggy style or ankles to ears.
About 95 percent of the time he would cum inside my wife. My wife said she would have insanely crazy orgasms. Jason would shoot massive loads of cum everytime. They would have sex 2 to 3 times each time they meet up for sex.

She describes it as one massive cumshot of his and if she wasnt on the pill she would for sure get pregnant. That is one thing she really likes about him the massive amount of cum he shoots as i just shoot maybe a spoon full of cum.
(Trust me that was another thing i would fantasy about and jerk off to. The idea of her no longer taking the pill she invites him over to our house a night of drinks Then Jason and my wife would get in bed and have crazy sex as i watch, he would get her in doggy style position and fuck the hell out her until he screams and yells he is going to cum and blasts a massive load of sperm right into my wifes womb and get her pregnant. ) She also likes his mannerisms , way he walks, talks and smells. Plus how good looking he is. I saw his profile and for a 48 year old man he is rather good looking, well groom and dressed nice.
Another thing she enjoys about sex with him is his grunt when he cums hard. She says he has really loud grunts and screams when he cums. He often came extremely hard with large cumshots inside her. Its a major turn on to her.

However by end of june that side relationship ended and since we just committed to each other. But i consider that time earlier this year i consider saved our relationship and improved it.


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  • I think your wife should go off the pill. Jason should deliberately impregnate her. With any luck, you'll have a son who looks just like your wife, and with a dick that a horse would be proud to call its own. You can raise him to understand that he has been gifted with this endowment to do for women what other men can't. As he grows up, you can lead him to understand that it is very much expected that he will seduce other men's wives. He can even seduce your son's future girl friends. When your own son experiences this, you can explain to him how this is the natural order of things.

  • Do you fantasize about helping her please him and his big cock?

  • Sounds like garbage to me. You should be out there plowing some pussy, not sitting on the sideline while another guy rails your lady.

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