Caught wife cheating

I came home from work early last week, because I wasn't feeling very well. My wifes car was in the drive way, which was unusual, because she should have been at work. Also, the front door was locked, which is unusual if one of us is home.
So I let myself in and walked into the living room, then into the kitchen, but my wife wasn't around. I started to call her name when I heard her voice upstairs in our bedroom. I started walking up the stairs when I heard another mans voice in my bedroom. He and my wife were both giggling and then I heard my wife moaning. I immediately became angry and ran up to the top of the stairs and flung the bedroom door open. My wife was on her hands and knees with her ass in the air, while this huge Black guy had his cock buried in her ass hole. I ran over to the closet and pulled out my 12ga shotgun that I keep loaded in case we ever have an intruder. The Black dude jumped up and yelled "don't shoot, man, don't shoot". My wife started crying and begging me not to shoot, and apologising, and spewing a bunch of bullshit out of her whore mouth. For some reason, watching a huge black man next to my naked wife was starting to turn me on. My anger and rage quickly turned into a raging hardon in my shorts. I kept the gun pointed at them and told my wife that if she's gonna fuck him, she'd better get on with it. I told the guy to lay down on the bed, and told my wife to climb on top of him. She grabbed his now flacid cock and stroked it until it got hard, then she slowly climbed on top of him, and slid his huge cock up her dripping wet pussy. I was amazed that she could take the whole thing, it was nearly twice the size of mine. She looked at me with tears in her eyes as she rocked back and fourth on his black cock. I then put my shotgun down and pulled off my pants and climbed onto the bed. I spread my wifes ass cheeks and slid my throbbing cock up her ass, which was well lubed and loosened up from the black dude. It was the first time I had ever DP'd a woman. I could feel his cock sliding in and out of her pussy as I pounded her ass. I could feel my wife pulsate as she came hard, then I blew my load in her ass about thirty seconds later. I climbed off her and watched as the black dude filled my wifes pussy full of his man seed. My wife rolled over into my arms and asked if we were okay, and I told her it was okay. We talked and rested for about thirty minutes and then we both fucked my wife again and took turns doing her in all three holes.

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  • Creamed cunt i want one

  • I want my 28 year old virgin fiancée’s cunt to be creamed.

  • Fall b!tch fall. elizabeth fall on your ass instead of our asses all the time.

  • You are lucky that black dude didn't kick your ass.

  • Just use her for sex and then dump her

  • I want a wife like yours

  • Oh this sounds like total bullshit ..

  • I would have shot them both.

  • I agree....Bullshit

  • And your point is......?

  • Bullshit

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