My Summer Living With My 24/7 Naked Submissive

I had a submissive live with me for 3 1/2 months. SHE WAS COMPLETELY NAKED THE ENTIRE TIME.

When I (m) was 24, I had a relationship with a 36 year old (f). She was very pretty and thin with reddish hair.

Looking back, I didn't realize how lucky and blessed I was to have had that summer.

However, she was a mess when I met her. She lived with her long term boyfriend who had broken up with her and moved away. We lived in a smaller town of Carthage, Missouri (about 10,000) people.

She had no skills or real job prospects and the money he gave her was about to run out. She also was very submissive and she lived for having a man take care of her as she frankly, could not cope with the real world.

Background: I had dominant fantasies and needs that were triggered and awakened in me when I first saw the movie “Caligula” on VHS. (This was the early 1990s). The imagery of the emperor Tiberius with a swimming pool of 24/7 completely naked pleasure slaves brought to the surface my deepest desire.
It was deepened when I discovered Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty books. She understand this dynamic of complete naked servitude in BDSM.

It is a long story, but we dated and after some feeling her out and being aggressive about telling her what I was looking for, she agreed to the TPE arrangement. She moved in with me after that.

It is and will always be my belief that in any true master/submissive relationship, the sub should never wear clothing or footwear. (Some feel differently and every dynamic is a negotiation, I know). My rationale is that it is a constant reminder of the sub’s place. It keeps the sub dependent and vulnerable. It also keeps the constant knowledge that the sub is totally at the beck and call of the master in a TPE dynamic.

More importantly, it allows for the Dominant to fully embrace his role as the sub’s provider and protector. Her being naked, barefoot and vulnerable is very feminine and allows me to express my protector and provider side. And no, the novelty of her nudity never gets old for me.

She lived with me in my large warehouse apartment for around 3 plus months that summer. She cleaned and did her daily tasks and had dinner waiting for me. Again, she was naked the entire time, except for her collar. All of her belongings, including her clothing (except for one sundress, some underwear - in case her cycles were too heavy - and one pair of flip flops) were in storage.

She slept on a pallet on the floor next to my bed. She would make breakfast, brush her teeth and then most days kneel on all fours where I put the plate on her back (same for dinner, most days). She would then bathe me (shower) and dress me for work. Yes, the sex was nearly constant.

A couple of times, we would drive to the country and there was a completely private farm I knew of. I would take her for walks and let her swim. Yes, she was naked the entire walk and drive there (she laid down in the back of my SUV). I would bring the sundress & flip flops in case of emergency detection when in the car… I am not that stupid.

It was an amazing summer. We grew close and had a lot of deep conversations. As many women (and all men) know, you have 100 percent of our attention when you are naked. She may have been the sub, but she had all of my devotion. I have never had such a desire to help, love, provide for and protect someone.

Unfortunately, her dad died and she had to go home to Wisconsin to take care of her mother. Days became weeks and weeks became months. We drifted apart. I would absolutely love to look her up, but she literally has no social media.

I learned a lot about the role of a Dom and it made me a better Dom and made me a better lover and man.

In conclusion: I can speak as a man. When women undertake this level of submission, you will have the most loving and devoted man that you could ever dream of.

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