Sucking off the weirdo on the subway

I was taking the subway home from work a couple of days ago, had the car all to myself, when this guy gets on and sits down directly across from me. Kinda weird, and I considered getting up and moving, but he seemed clean and harmless enough, and moving just would've made it weirder. So, I just flipped my cell over to camera, so I could keep tabs on the guy while it looked like I was just browsing facebook or whatever, and sat there "scrolling" while he took out a book. After a few minutes, he starts massaging his crotch, then, no words spoken since he got on, he takes out his cock and starts stroking it. At this point I probably should've moved, or told him off, or something, but it's like I was hypnotized. I zoomed my camera in on his cock for a better fire, and tried not to drool. I've never been with a guy, but his package should've been framed in a museum. After watching him wank for about thirty seconds, I abandon the pretense, switch off my phone, get out of my seat, sit next to him and start sucking him off. His cum tasted as good as his cock looked, and after I was done, he zipped up and I went back to my seat. The only thing he said was "thanks, faggot" as he was getting off the subway.

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  • Then he got Covid-19 and died happy ending

  • At least he thanked you.

  • How terrible you need a giant kick in the nuts you queer prick

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