One sniff and now I'm obsessed

I was crushed when my wife of 28 years left me, I was 47 have 3 grown kid's but not much else. I felt my life was over and lost all confidence in myself and felt it was too late to start over when I had nothing to offer another woman. I was using social media a lot and began messaging with random women all over the world just looking for any compliment I could get if I'm honest. One woman was different from the others which attracted my attention as she was reserved shy and gave nothing away and pretty soon was the only one i still messaged .we got pretty friendly and I learned she lived in Iowa USA (I'm from Manchester UK) and had a tough life as both her parents died before she was 12 and she had to fend for herself from then on. She was divorced with a mid teen daughter working as a nurse and a chronic alcoholic. After around 4 months I asked how she felt about me visiting her just as friends and she agreed. I'm not rich and living on disability benefits so when I looked for flights and added spending money I realised it'd take a while to save up which I told her and she was ok with. I booked to go in 4 months from then and we got closer as it got closer. When I eventually arrived she (Kath) ran straight into my arms and cried a little as I hugged her. I retrieve my case and stop on way to hers for a bite to eat and just talk as we'd only just met and were actually strangers. We got to her apartment and her daughter (melly) arrived shortly after . I could tell she was apprehensive and wary of a strange English guy in her home and I made a conscious effort to involve her as much as possible in any activities or things we did and told her that I wasn't going to steal her mom away or interfere with their relationship. As far as I was concerned I was happy to be her step father. I was booked to stay four weeks and the first night was spent playing board games together but it was clear even then Kath had a serious drinking problem, I thought to myself I have 4 weeks to turn her around or I won't be coming back . We went to bed and had the most incredible sex I've ever had in my life. She wars glasses and i was shocked when she took them off as she looked completely different but also a lot younger I mean about 20 years old. I went to sleep feeling like the luckiest man on earth that night. Next morning we were up really early she got ready for work and melly got ready for school. Kath said I could come for a ride to drop her daughter and she'd drop me back then go to work which we did. Back at Kathy's I unpacked my case and took a shower and changed then put the wet towel in the laundry when I saw a pair of panties on top of the laundry pile. Now I have no idea why as I'd never even dreamt of this before but I picked up the panties and put them to my nose and inhaled deeply. They smelled like heaven , fresh with the slightest musty odour . My cock grew in my pants I took another big sniff and I was rock hard . I took out my cock and began stroking it I put the panties over my face with my nostrils right where her pussy had been and began wanking hard. I thought get another pair of panties to shoot my load into and grabbed a lacy peachy pair arranged access to the gusset and shot a huge load into them with an intense pulsating orgasm. I pulled the panties off my face and saw melly written on the label and an instant guilt consumed me. I took both pairs and returned them to the laundry under the towel I used. I felt sick at the reality of what I'd done but managed to not look like I'd killed someone when Kathy got home. The month went brilliant and kathy had virtually cut her drinking by 90% when I came home. I realised pretty quickly that those panties were evermore present in my mind and within a couple of weeks was obsessed with Kathy's daughters scented panties. I would never dream of touching her or anything like that ever but in the three following visits to kathys I've give in to my urge and sniffed and cum in all melly's knickers while alone. I ended up edging my cock for 8 hours a day with melly's pussy over my nostrils waiting for kathy. I was always so horny when she got home I fucked the shit out of her aggressively before unloading 8 hrs of stimulated ball juice into her. I'm home again with one thing on my mind
And it's driving me insane . Melly is 17 now and I'm thinking of just telling her everything in the hope she'll let me lick her out.


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  • I can relate. Its perfectly normal to be tempted, but you can only take that so far. You can't have it both ways and the lesser option is the right way to go.

    Enjoy the panties. Forget the rest. Not worth it.

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