Secretly gay

I’m a married man throughout my adult life have Extreme gay fetishes for Trannnies and later it was Blackmen especially when I get high I used to roam the streets of Soho and find trannies to fuck me later on I began to crave for hung black man to fuck me.. when I get high usually dress up in the sluttiest clothes and call 2 big black hung studs to fuck me every which way for hours

It’s like I become possessed and my craving for wild extreme gay sex takes over

I done this many times and I still love it

12 days ago


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    • I wrote this on the previous post> Don't know if you are the same author but I ask again. One question what happened to you!
      Growing up in the early 70's as a kid us guys where always trying to out do each other. Who was tougher who had the better car or fastest car. The best fighter, best on the football team. We fought each other, but one thing was never brought up was dick size or being gay. Hell if a guy talked about his dick size, he was labeled as fag. Everything else was a competition all the way up till my 30's even then when one us of got a bigger boat the next year I got a bigger boat. I wasted hundreds of thousand dollars on bigger boats or faster cars.
      I can not picture my self with a guy that way. Major turn off. This country has gone PC and it makes me sick.When I was young I wondered what it would be like to be a girl but it was only momentarily as I knew I was a guy! Now they are telling 5 year old boys it is ok to wear a dress. Wow! What changed in your life that made you want to suck dick? Not being mean just wondering. I see men as competition definitely not sexual.

    • So you do this behind your wife's back! You drive around picking up strangers to fuck you then come home to the wife. You think that's right thing to do. Expose your wife to STD's and STI's because you are a scumbag!
      You want to do that tell your wife or divorce her!
      If you have kids won't they be surprised when daddy gets busted for prostitution with men! Your family will be so proud of you. Even mom and dad will love it!

    • No I actually owe me practice safe protected sex… I love my wife I have great children we have a great sex life I just have a different part of me

      I’m not a prostitute and I don’t pick up prostitutes

      I’ve come to the realisation that I’m damaged goods as a result the physical and sexual abuse from my father who went to prison for six years for molesting his own children

    • That's going to end well

    • I don’t do it often and I have managed it very well it keeps the Demons buried beneath me

    • What are you getting high on? Meth?

    • Crack more popular in Europe

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