My best friend’s wife...

I had a roaring twenties house warming party at my new house, knowing the wives of my friend and the other women that came would all be wearing nylons. And I was right. Everyone took there shoes of when they entered, which I didn’t request but being in the presence of all those nylon feet was exhilarating. But for some reason it wasn’t enough so while everyone was in the basement dancing and drinking I went upstairs. I couldn’t help but stick my nose in every woman’s shoe. I was in a euphoric state and all of a sudden I hear “what are you doing?” And I freeze and slowly turn around. My buddies wife I standing there and I’ve lost all ability to speak. She starts to walk towards me and I start to sweat thinking she’s going to hit me or something. She then picked up her shoe, shoved it in my face and pushed me against the wall. The she said “you pervert, you like sniffing women’s shoes?, then sniff mine you freak”. Confused and aroused i sniffed hers as she kept it pressed against my face. And I was super turned on and I felt her unzip my pants and yank my cock thru my zipper with a tight grip. And she said “ you’ve got till I count to ten to cum or I’m telling everyone what a pervert you are”. She starts jerking my dick hard and fast while she counts and she only got to six and I feel streams of cum shoot out my dick. And with my last spurt my spent self slides down the wall to the floor. Then I hear her say “ good boy, but you’ve made a mess on me”. She steps and presses her nylon covered foot on my flaccid cock showing me her cum stained stocking legs. I asked her if I could go get some paper towels to wipe them clean. She said no strongly and I spent the next ten minutes licking my cum off her stocking feet and legs. Since the party every time my friend cums in her she send me a pic of her cum filled pussy and call me a cum eating pervert. I think I’m in love with her.

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  • It’s a wonder thing when you find a woman like that. That shares your kink or the thing that really turns you on.

    My wife may have a kink but I’ll never know. She is so boring and says she has no kinks.

    Mistake made by me

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