Fiancee at Nude Beach

I always enjoyed having my fiancee dress in halters and short skirts since I liked other men looking at her and wanting her while she was mine. Over time I even got her to not wear panties and spread her legs while sitting on benches at the park and showing her pink lips to other men. Some would actually come over and talk to us while they didn't even try to hide that they were looking at my fiancee's love box.
One day some work friends of mine told me that there was a nude beach about 50 miles away and that they were going to be there on Saturday. I told my fiancee that we were going to the beach on Saturday and took her there without telling her that it was a nude beach. When we got there she asked if I really wanted other men to see her naked. I told her that I did and I put our blanket down by a group of men which were my work friends. After a while I went for a walk leaving my girlfriend laying naked right near four naked guys. When I got back they had surrounded her and she was the center of attention. After a while they invited us to a party at a nearby house and we went. Once there everyone got naked again and my fiancee was naked with four strangers and me.
After about an hour, I took my fiancee's hand and went into a bedroom and I asked if she wanted to have sex. She said that she did and I went back to the living room and told the four guys that she wanted sex. They walked into the bedroom behind me and I stepped aside and told them that they could take turns with her. I was never more in love with my fiancee than when she had one dick inside her between her legs, one in her mouth and the other two dicks in her hands. After they rotated around each taking a turn in her cunt and mouth, I took my turn between her legs and added my cum to the cum from the four guys that had just fucked her. I went out into the living room and told the guys that they could fuck her as many times as they wanted and to just drop her off at our apartment the next afternoon.
My fiancee was very sore for the next week but when Saturday came she asked me if we could go back to the beach. For the rest of the summer she got a great allover tan and was fucked by all five of us every weekend. Every Sunday she would come home covered in cum and I would fuck her one more time.

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