I can’t help it

I’ve been wanting to fuck my sister bessie for 21 years now I tried letting her catch me jerking off every chance I could the. I got high a few weeks ago and texted her that I was really feeling good on E and all I wanted to do was eat her pussy she never replied a few days later I brought it up and said I was sorry she said it’s ok and just to forget about it I really just want to make her cum so bad what should I do if anything?

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  • Its hot fucking family for sure mmmmm

  • Yep

  • Well, at least she didn't tell you to fuck off lol. If you are serious about your sister you need to stop the drugs. Start spending time with her and carefully start seducing her in an adult way! Give her compliments and be a little flirty! Become more affectionate with her and eventually confess how you feel, if all has gone well leading up to this point. There is every possibility this happen for you but all so she may not be interested and you will have to respect that. Obviously, at the moment she thinks it's just the drugs talking so get of the drugs and show your sister how much you want her!!

  • Get a clue and leave her the Hell alone.

  • ??🙄

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