Addictions: Step-daughter and hookers!

Like anyone else I love to let my mind wander and enjoy a fantasy dirty thought or two....but mine are getting too regular and real!

My girlfriend has a gorgeous 20 yr old daughter I can't stop thinking about. She's slim, busty and sexy as hell! I love undressing her with my eyes, imagining what she looks like (I've seen her topless once!) naked, or what she'd feel like on my cock. I fuck her Mum and picture her daughter while I cum, and wank into her dirty used knickers whenever I can and love the smell and taste of them! I've spunked in a pair of her white ones and put them back knowing she'd have my spunk next to her pussy when she wore them!

The thing is I've been getting addicted to cute, petite hookers and acting out my fantasy of fucking the older daughter....feels very wrong but at the same time very, VERY horny and fun! I've once had one wear the daughter's little black lace knickers while we fucked.....and that time I can tell you was the most amazing role playing EVER! ;-)

I'd never want to ruin our relationship by trying to make it happen for real but the fantasy is very enjoyable

Anyone else done anything similar?

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  • Me an my ex split we still fuck now, fir the last 2 years of the relationship thoughts of her younger barely legal sister got me off inside my gf, almost called my ex her little sisters name, but even now 7 months after we split no way can I cum for my ex without thinking of her virgin teen(16) sister

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