Married Girlfriend Alyssa

I have been seeing this women that I met at the gym. We will call her Alyssa, she is almost 6 years older than me and married with 2 kids. I know it’s wrong but we have been dating for about a year now. I don’t see other people and it’s almost as if she is single. Her husband works out of town so with the kids at school she often comes over and hangs out and well we fuck and do what couples do. We go out to dinner and go on dates and it’s as if she is not married and single. Her husband never questions her about where she is at or what she is doing. It’s almost as she is a single mom of 2 that dates and finds sitters for date night. She even spent the night before Mother’s Day by telling her husband that she was going to a spa day with her friends on Friday and Saturday and would be back early Sunday to celebrate with the family. The sex is amazing and she tried anal for the first time. I thought maybe she was lying but by the discomfort and pain she went through typical for the first time I believe her to be not lying about first time anal experience. I even dropped her off at home on that Mother’s Day morning. Before she left my house we fucked like animals. She has stopped asking me to use a rubber and am wondering what her plans are. I do very well for myself but they do as well. She is a stay at home mom and is very jealous if other women show interest in me. She gets mad then proceeds to fuck my brains out. Once in the parking lot of the restaurant we had just left. She is loud which makes it super hot. On Mother’s Day morning while we had our sex marathon she kept telling me she wanted me to send her home with cum running from all her holes. Which I did, her husband will leave on Monday afternoon and be gone for 2 weeks. I guess il just keep pumping away, I only go to the office a few days a week so she is usually at my house. My neighbors even think she lives here part time. I know it’s wrong because she’s married but when she tells me that I own her and she’s my personal fuck toy. I can’t resist.

26 days

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