Fat Journey (male)

I gotta get this off my chest. The last few months I've been gaining weight on purpose because I've always liked bigger women and always wondered what it's like to be bigger myself. For me it's a hot thought. I've always been fit and thin all my life. It's just how I was built. Or at least so I thought. But then I started calculating my calories every day and realized how much more I needed to eat to gain weight. I started at 139lbs and now I'm 167lbs. That's almost 30lbs in just a few months! (I'm 23yrs and 5'9)

With covid, it's been easy to lay around and just get stoned and stuff my face every day. My gaining journey isn't over yet though... Even though I've gained that much weight, being 5'9 and still having decent muscle mass, I only look like I have a little gut right now. But I wanna see what I'll look like at a bigger weight. I wanna know what that feels like. My first weight goal is just 170lbs as something realistic to shoot for and I'm almost there. My next goal after that is 200lbs. Then 230lb. I might decide being fat isn't for me and maybe around 250lbs I'll decide to turn it around, but I might get lost in all the gaining, eating, and smoking weed. We will see haha.

My girlfriend is luckily loving my new weight. She likes how my ass has filled out in my shorts and she even rubs my tummy when we cuddle. I haven't told her I've been gaining on purpose and don't know if she is into me gaining more weight because we haven't had that conversation yet. She does happen to like how I look with more weight :) Maybe we will gain together one day haha she's a bigger girl and she's gained weight since we met too.

I wanna talk to her about this but I wanna put on more weight first to see what she thinks. I might bring it up when I reach my 200lb goal.

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  • Good luck on your gaining journey man

  • Good plan. It's not like being overweight is unhealthy or anything.

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