My Wife Wants to Become the World's Fattest Woman.

In the past 2 years my wife has been steadily gaining weight. Now normally I wouldn't care but it's kind of out of character for her. She has always been on the chubby side and at times she has been clinically obese like during her two pregnancies (around 300lbs at the heaviest) but she has always managed to diet back down to under 200lbs. But recently I noticed that she has been overeating and not adhering to her usually low calorie diet. The truth is I don't really care how fat she gets because I like my women on the fleshy side and she is a gorgeous red head with an extremely voluptuous figure. As long as her health isn't adversely affected, I'm cool with whatever she weighs. But recently I've confronted her about her dietary changes and asked her what the hell is up. We have been together for 10 years and she has always been somewhat paranoid about gaining too much weight. But when I confronted her, she looked at me point blank and said " I'm tired of fighting my weight. I've been at war with my body since early childhood. I'm tired of dealing with it so I'm just going to eat what I want, when I want and as much as I want"... I said "That's okay by me" and then she said that it has always been a fantasy of hers to eat and eat until she becomes the world's fattest woman. She said that she would love to be put into record book as the fattest woman alive and she was actually considering going for it. She then said that she wanted my acceptance of this and my help in making it happen. I just kind of stared at her in disbelief and didn't know quite what to say... Since then she has talked about it more than a few times and has even expressed a desire to be funnel fed weight gain shakes to augment her increased eating...She has a long way to go even if she is truely serious it could take years and years to achieve but I'm still concerned that she might actually try to do it. Not that her increasing weight bothers me in the least, in fact I like it, I just worry about her for obvious reasons. I guess what I'm looking for is advice in how to handle this. Part of me wants to help her achieve her goal because I want to endulge her and make her happy but another part just screams...NO, STOP, THIS IS CRAZY! So I extremely conflicted on this.

2 months ago


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    • Just do it. Feed her until she can't even walk anymore. Fat is the new "Hot" and there is no sense in having a fat wife unless you strive to have the fattest one.

    • Feed her until she explodes then find another fatty and start the process all over again. Just remember to take out a large insurance policy on her before she gets too fat to be eligible for a decent premium rate. That's what I did on my first 2 wives. Made a mill on the first one and 750 on the second. The first one took forever to kick it. Over 800lbs before she keeled over dead. She had a heart like a horse...The second was 650. That one was pretty quick. I'm working on a 3rd right now and she's over 700 and just about ready to pop anytime. After this dumb fat bitch is worm food, I'll retire to Costa Rica and my boat and a normal size wife. How says fat chicks are good for nothing? All you need is some financial smarts and a strong stomach and you can make out pretty good with the big dumb deathfats.

    • Just thinking about that seems kind of low let alone actually doing it. I know of one or two other misogynistic guys that I suspect of doing what you are doing. They have grossly fat wives and spend their free time stuffing them with fast food, pop and ice cream. It strikes me as the same mindset that drives sexual predation and in a sane world you should be ashamed of yourself. Unfortunately this is not a sane world, it's decidedly insane and your slow murder of these women gets a pass. I also know for a fact that big fatties love to eat. Food is their God and they would probably eat themselves to death with or without you.

    • Bullshit story.

    • Sounds like a plan. I wish you a lot of luck.

    • How wrong does your life have to go to want something like this?

    • It couldn’t be like your twisted life of depravity. Fucking your mother’s corpse is siiiick. Bury the poor broad!

    • Speaking of lives gone wrong.... I hear you fat nigger pig of a wife got arrested again for shitting in public, there Bucky. Hopefully the courts didn't charge you by the pound to bail her out. You'd have to rob a bank.

    • Your mom’s rotting corpse is not going to stop stinking until you call the coroner to stop by your single-wide to pick her up.
      In the meantime, if you want to drop your weight from 500 to 450lbs., you’re going to have to stop swallowing so much sperm and getting it pumped up your ass.

      Did you think that jizz is low calorie? What a stupid fucktard.

      At your rate you’ll be at 700 lbs. by the end ofAugust.

      Fat cock munching faggots are pathetic but if that’s you life’s goal you’re well on your way.

    • I think Bucky protest too much... Following random posters around on this site is an indication that you are a big fat cock muncher who has gotten his feelings hurt. Try some butthurt cream for the pain.

      Is it true that you can't even locate your own asshole without the use of GPS or was that for your monstrously obese wife? Maybe you should just role her in flower or make her to fart so you can follow the smell to her blubber buried kooter.

    • Cool, I want a wife like that. The fatter the better.

    • Don't do it.

    • Yeah, she's a keeper. 🤣 Dude, don't let her ass get any bigger than it already is. That would be a huge (no pun intended) mistake. It would send a signal to fat lazy bitches everywhere that letting yourself go is acceptable and that men should just tolerate their gluttony and increasing blubber. If you let her get any fatter then you better turn in your man card.

    • You’re beta cuck card is a lifetime issue.

    • Say the beta twink with a hugely obese wife who shits in the street because a normal toilet won't hold her weight.

    • Says the Pedo Poofter with sperm on the brain from so many face fuckings.

    • Keep talking hog humper. Nothing will change the fact that you cannot do any better than a woman that no one else wants...A big fat angry whale with a fecal fetish. You got the bottom of the barrel, Bucky.

    • Wow, I wish my wife was ambitious like yours.... It's good to have goals.. 🤣

    • My wife is very fat now and I love it she is almost 400lbs now looking sexy

    • What will you do if she gets too fat to wipe her own ass? I hope you like women that smell like shit.

    • Your mom is a rotting corpse that you won’t take to the mortuary until you’re done fucking her.
      Talk about smell!

    • Your wife is an out of control fat slob and you enable her grotesque gluttony and her nasty habit if shitting in public. You're a sexual predator. You enable an obviously mentally ill landwhale to satisfy your feederism and fecalophelac perversion.... Don't deny it, Bucky. After all you've written a confession bragging about it.... You sick sob.

    • Your deflection away from kidnapping and raping pre-teen boys isn’t working.
      Your mom’s corpse is rotting at the same rate as your diseased brains.
      Why you continue to prey on young boys only points to a deep-seated self-hatred that is understandable given your slovenly existence.

      Do the world a favor and jump of a skyscraper.

    • Pig fucking, loser.

    • Ever hear of a bidet, moron?

    • Of course. I drink out of them at every chance.

    • How does it taste?

    • Like sour Mountain Dew.

    • Probably more like Buck100's grossly obese wife's busted pussy.

    • Or your mom’s rotting pussy on her hideous corpse that you continue to fuck.

    • Pig fucking loser.

    • How big is she now? If I were you I would help her achieve her goal. It's got to be amazing have a wife like that.

    • I think she's getting up around 300lbs again. I'm kind of guessing as I haven't seen her on the scale, but based on her size she must be close. Yes my wife is pretty amazing and I consider myself a lucky guy.

    • It takes all kinds I guess.

    • Especially with Pedo Poofters like yourself.

    • Hindinberg fondling, Twink.

    • You are a lucky guy. You'll be even luckier if she hits a 1000 pounds without having a massive heart attack.

    • Just like your sister?

    • No, more like your 700lb, street shitting wife. If we're lucky that obese bag of puss will explode soon and drown your twink ass in a tsunami of rancid grease.

    • Sure about that, kiddie molester? You mom’s rancid pussy is stinking up the single-wide but it’s not stopping you from fucking her and then eating the cream pie out out of that filthy trench.

    • Your fat pig wife will die very soon if you don't help her lose weight.

    • Christ what a fatty fucking loser. Fat chicks have no sexual market value. Only a beta cuck would be happy hooked up with one.... Your wife is a cow. Save some of your dignity and stop her from becoming a landwhale.

    • Yet a whiny faggot like you lets other fags fat & skinny poke all your holes nightly.

    • You sound jealous. I guess the queers you live with don't like your holes. Can't blame them as your holes are a major source of AIDS.

    • Is that how you got infected from those homeless dudes? You kept bringing them home to your mom’s trailer and you were sure to get dosed again.
      Silly poofter.

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    • No, the homeless homos you call your bro’s. The same ones you swap bodily fluids with in your mom’s single-wide because you’re too fucking lazy to get your own trailer.

    • Stop her immediately. Force her to retain some self respect and self control. Otherwise you will end up as a caregiver for a morbidly obese hog too fat to even wipe her own ass. I've seen it happen, it's not pretty. Nobody wins and it becomes a living hell until she has a massive heart attack and dies. Then you will left with the kids and all the huge bills for her burial. If she is dead set on this, take out as much life insurance on her as you can afford and do it now before she blows up like a the Hindenburg.

    • So you had to wipe your mom’s ass all the time? Were you still wiping her ass after fucking her corpse?

    • No, I smashed your mom's ass though. It was pretty foul... Fortunately she said it was better when you do it, so it's all you bro.

    • Mom said you couldn’t get your 2” nub up even though you brought 3 BBCs to fuck you.

    • Hey Bucky, is you mom a big fat, repulsive, whore just like your morbidly obese, street shitting, wife?

    • Karen, how many tons did your hideous mom weigh before she croaked?
      Must have been as big as a bus judging from how long she’s been rotting and you’ve been fucking her.
      Those pre-teen boys you’ve been molesting were probably riding your mom’s school bus sized ass.

    • You obviously have your life confused with mine... Projection much??? Your wife is that rotting whale or at least she smells like one because she is too fucking fat to wipe her own ass. But you love it because you're a deviant little faggot with a scat fetish

    • Let her do it. It will probably be very exciting and eye opening experience. My own wife is a very big gal (610lbs) and I have to say that sex with a woman that hugelt fat is pretty damn amazing.

    • Same for me sex is amazing

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