Finding my G spot

So here’s how I found it i was 17 a virgin i had gotten myself off a few times that was about it was doing lots of clit play it was the summer i turned 18
Anyways my sister was staying with us and one day she asked if i knew what the g spot was i said nope but later I got on the internet and looked it up it, its easier to find if your good an aroused cause it sticks out more so did that there’s a rough area around the opening then it gets smooth right in between is the g spot it kinda feels like a little bean or spongy thing at first i just massaged poked at it could barely reach it so I got something to stimulate it I used the handle of a table knife the first few times angled just right pushing on it for me the orgasm builds then lot of clit play well its being pushed on then I explode clear liquid comes squirting out of my pussy its a steady stream for a seconds few times I’ve cum few for around 40seconds to whole 60 sec straight its connected to the other side of the clit so if it’s stimulated just right it helps to draw it out longer, all around the outside gets very red and feels very worm kinda hot my lips tingle husband says the closer i am the reder i get after a round of this my inner lips get darker red and stay this way for a few days the toys stimulate it now and when I say he’s working on timing we’ve been not touching my clit until I’m super close like right there then start clit play and go fast in and out huge orgasms supper fun anyways ive been telling him some of the time when and he’s been watching to see if he can guess the right time to go fast and stimulate clit

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Good that you got to know ypur pussycunt. Maybe you might like a Rabbit vibrator. It is a girl's best friend. lol

  • I can tell you exactly how to do it

  • This was years ago we play with it all the time :)
    I'm 40 now but sure tell me how to find it id like to know your perspective cause I'm werid

  • Fuck off

  • You just proved you have a very limited vocabulary. Fourth grade dropout?

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