Toy play

Husband’s left handed I’m right this can be used to our advantage he dose most the Toy fucking
I do most the clit play as of late he is doing more, I like the way he dose it he is like way more aggressive on it then I am and sometimes gets a little rough this get me off quicker

But yeah he’s told me how he’s talked to other men about it and he’s like
so u never just spent an hr just doing everything to her that they tell you asked them if you could use toys you might get more sex if you try it
some have said they had better things to do other’s started trying and
one tried to tell him it was a form of cheating cause its something besides him entering me he just rolled his eyes and walked away

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  • (f), me and my boyfriend play with one, it's bigger than him and I think it turns him on.

  • Probably dose we went threw a phase of making bigger and bigger toys, think he wanted to see how much I could take I took them all, we made a video one time and I watched it because he wanted me to count and see how many times I came, couldn't help but notice he was hard the whole time kept having to rewind and re count cause I kept looking at him and his hardness :)

  • Toys are fun and I love to use them on my wife more than I like to penetrate her. It prolongs the experience and I enjoy the feeling of getting her to cum in a myriad of ways. Playtime for adults is all it is.

  • So dose he says he just likes watching me be fucked and watching me cum, sometimes you need a nice fucking..
    for me it hightens sensation and makes him feel awesome after sometimes I cum nearly the whole time he is inside me..

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