First glimpses of an older woman

By the age of 15 I had seen two of our neighbours naked. The first time I was round at my friend Tony's house, I used to go round all the time. We were in his bedroom playing chess of all things when I needed to go to the toilet. I went to the bathroom and on the way I passed his mum and dads bedroom.

The door was half open. In front of the wardrobe his mother was standing there completely naked, with her back to me, stretching to reach something off the top shelf. I was transfixed looking at her naked bum. She was quite tall maybe 5'7" with mousey coloured hair with a towel wrapped on it. Nothing to look at, very plain with hardly any tits.

She then turned round and put some clothes on the bed. As she did she looked up and saw me looking at her. I'd seen her arse and was now admiring the frontal view. As I said she had no tits but had a very hairy dark brown fanny.

She very casually said "Ooh Jimmy I've just had a shower" but made no attempt to cover up. I stammered a reply "Sorry, I was just err, just err, going to the toilet" She then walked towards me, smiled and said "I'd better shut this door I don't want Brian to catch me naked with another man".

I went to the bathroom and masturbated furiously cumming in no time at all. I saw her about 3 or 4 times during the rest of the day and she just smiled at me. I never told my mate but he did tell me she used to get undressed in front of him on a night time. I asked him about her fanny and he said it was dark brown and really hairy.

The other neighbour I saw was again completely accidental and I will post that story another time.

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  • I was just 15 and mowing lawns in the neighborhood. The lady across the street asked me inside to pay me. She was testing me. She was 47 and man did I get a boner watching her bend over in front of me. She took me to the sofa and pulled down my shorts and underwear. Then she sucked me off. It was so wonderful. She busted my cherry sucking my cock. The next week she wasn't around but asked me to come over and pull weed in her garden. Afterwards she was standing at the sliding door of their basement naked. The sight of her sexy little bush made my cock very hard. I fucked her on the sofa and I licked her pussy and tits. It was great. Later after my first girlfriend I wondered why younger girls weren't nearly as awesome as this older lady. I was in college and home for the holidays and she invited me over for a drink. I was now 21 and she was 53. Her husband had died of cancer and we went to the bedroom. I ended up going home 4 hours later. I had fucked her 3 times and I licked just about her entire sexy older body. I was sorry when she sold her house and moved away. I probably would have fucked her again. It was a great time. She was friends with my parents but they have no idea what she and I did together.

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