Young lover

I’ve always wanted my wife to get fucked by a much younger guy. At first it was talk in bed. I would tell her how sexy and attractive she was and that it was obvious since so many guys would try and talk to her anywhere we went. Little by little I noticed her courage started to build up. She would flirt with guys back especially if it was obvious no one around knew her.
One day while I was talking to her about this during sex she came out and said do you really wish I would take a sexy much younger guys cock? I said babe yes!!
She then brought up a young handsome guy that works with her. She stated she would love to be fucked by him. I asked her what her chances of it happening like.? She didn’t say anything as she was sucking me off. Then she said how would you really feel if she had already fooled around with him? I said oh babe that would make me very happy. Especially if he was definitely better in bed than me. To know she was getting a cock that she really desired and would actually do it.

Then she said what if I had been sucking him off already? I said yes that would be hot but you would have told me right?
Then she came up to kiss me and then admitted to sucking him off already in his car during lunch as they met several times already.
I said are you serious? She said yes!!
I said you really went through with it.
She said yes and I didn’t know how to tell you but I knew it was something you wanted and it turned you on.
I came so fast knowing this had actually happened already.. Then she whispers in my ear that this past week both had agreed to meet at his place instead of going to work but she backed out.

After listening to her plans I continued to encourage her to meet him. I told her I wanted all the details of how it went down.Then that morning as she got ready I was so nervous seeing how gorgeous her body was. I thought about it the entire day. She said she wasn’t going she came home that day she told she wasn’t going tell me after we went out and had dinner. That night I was ready to shoot off without even her touching me I was so aroused. She went into detail describing how much bigger and better in bed he was than me. How he was so much more rough and long lasting than I had ever been to her. She said she was nervous but after being with him she undoubtably wanted it again
This has been one of the best hottest sexual experiences anyone could have ever imagined.


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  • As usual the wife is 2 steps ahead of her clueless hubby. Hubby makes a suggestion about sex and she already is blowing some guy and hubby doesn't have a clue. Her plans are already set so just step aside and let her fuck her brains out. I'm guessing there is nothing you can do to stop her anyway

  • What will you do when she wants to bring him home ? what are you going to say when she wants him to stay the night in your bedroom ? She will put you in the basement or the guest bedroom and all you will be able to do is listen to them fucking in a way that you and she never have. She will be fucking her brains out with her lover and you will only be an afterthought. Then she will go on vacations with him for a week or so, and you can only imagine what they are doing and how much fun they will be having now that you are not around. I assure you that you will not be around.

  • Hot.How old is your wife and the young man?

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