Mom and me alone for next week

So my dad will be out of town next week for the entire week. And I have this thing about trying to have sex with my mom. I have tried certain things in the past like if she is sleeping on the couch I will pull the my cock out and watch to see if her eyes open slightly or not, I will quickly walk away if I see her move around . I have done this many times hoping she sees my cock,

So my dad is going to be leaving monday, my mom drinks sometimes, not to often, I hope she will be drinking after she drops my dad off at the airport , if she is , I think I'll join her for a couple of drinks, I really dont drink around the house so she may find it weird that i will drink with her. But I'm hoping she will and that we can get a little drunk together so I can flirt with her or get on the subject of sex. I feel like if she falls asleep on the couch and i am horny enough i will let her catch me flashing her or if she is going to go to her room I plan on sleeping naked with my door open, she knows I have a thing for her , but we have never had the chance to be alone for long, that's why I hope she wants to have a couple of drinks around the house when she normally wouldnt because I feel that is her way of saying that she plans on me trying to do something


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • New one are coming out! Can't wait to wreck them too. Fuck heads

  • Drinking always makes my mom horny. She ends up going to her bedroom to masturbate. I watch her, making my cock get so hard it almost hurts. Then I go into her bedroom and fuck her for hours.

  • Nice

  • You wish then you wouldn't be a virgin anymore douche bag.

  • Gee there are a lot of queer pricks commenting on this disgraceful post, it should be ignored

  • Disgraceful post??

  • Yes disgraceful incest is sick and gross.

  • Its lovely

  • Piss off you queer jerk

  • I'm not queer my friend lol

  • Obviously you are not a good judge, you are queer you little prick

  • You know all about being queer, shirt lifter

  • God you are so stupid Lady Balls You can't read the replies right. The post you replied to was for you not against you dumb ass

  • Your just as stupid you clown the reply WAS for the queer jerk

  • Hahahah LOL 😂

  • Here is another good story.
    FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The overgrown grass and weeds of a vacant lot now sit where the worst mass murder in the city's history took place.

    "Certainly leave an undeletable image across this city and hopefully never ever be replicated in any form," said Fresno Mayor Lee Brand.

    15 years ago, nine of Marcus Wesson's children and grandchildren were shot dead and stacked in a back bedroom of their Central Fresno home.

    "All the bodies were stacked up like cordwood," said Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

    The residence that once stood at 761 West Hammond Avenue may be gone, but the memories still haunt many of the first responders who discovered the grisly details that day.

    Chief Jerry Dyer had been Fresno's Chief of Police for less than three years when he got the call.

    "It was something that I don't think anyone in law enforcement will ever forget," Dyer said.

    Wesson sits on death row at San Quentin.

    In the summer of 2005, he was convicted of killing nine of his children.

    He had fathered them with his wife, daughters, and nieces.

    "This was an incestuous relationship we'd had never seen. Then we found out about their belief systems, and it appeared on every indication that they were operating as a cult," Dyer said.

    Wesson believed he was Jesus and if anyone tried to separate the family, then they would all go to heaven.

    He even went so far as to purchasing caskets from a local antique store months before the mass murder took place.

    "He had such incredible influence over his children and wives that this was the outcome," Dyer said. "That he was able to control the mind of people to do the unthinkable very similar to what Charles Manson did."

    Marcus Wesson is 72 now and is unlikely ever to face execution.

    "Marcus Wesson was a menace to society, and I will never forget," Dyer said.

    Only 13 people have been executed in the 33 years since California's death penalty was reinstated, none since 2006.

  • What about people with hereditary issues??? Shall we ban then from procreating??

  • I will post it again
    Well they should think about it and talk with professionals before deciding to have children. I know if I had a medical problem that would be passed on to a child that fucks him or her for life. I would not be able to live with that on my mind. Would be much safer to adopt a child.

  • So you could say the same for incestuous couples?

  • Don't have to it's illegal dumb ass

  • This is just an extreme example and not a true reflection of incestuous relationships across the world. Cults aren't always necessarily incestuous.

  • My dad married a woman when I was 15 years old. She had a daughter, but her daughter didn't live with her. I had met her daughter a few times and thought she was hot. She was only a month younger than me.

    After my stepmom moved in, her daughter would come spend the weekend. We would play a lot of video games together. So one night we were playing video games in her room. She said she was going to put on her pajamas. When she came back, she had on a night shirt and panties. The night shirt really wasn't long enough to cover her panties, so everytime she moved, I could see her pink panties. My dick got hard, I couldn't concentrate on the game, and all I wanted to do was fuck her. It wouldn't happen that night, but eventually she and I did have sex.

    It was about a year later when we were 16. She and I snuck out to got to a party. My dad was gone on a business trip, and her mom was asleep. We got pretty drunk, and when we came back, we were laughing and trying to help eachother up the steps. I helped her into her room and she laughed saying she needed help getting into her pajamas. I laughed and said you mean your night shirt.

    I started helping her strip, and when she removed her bra, I started rubbing her tits. She gasped like she was shocked and rubbed my hard cock, asking me how I liked it. I pushed her back on the bed, pulled off her pants and panties, and started rubbing her pussy. She started moaning and said she wanted me to fuck her. That was the first time we did it.

  • I think that’s so gross, which is weird cuz I am a straight man who was raped and abused in other ways by my dad and stepdad from age 3-10, and something about that seems normal and arousing. But moms... I dunno. Not for me. I did have a girlfriend who was abused a lot like me, and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for me from the very first time we went to her place for lunch break, but o actually got more into trying to get her dad to abuse me too. So weird.

  • Your Dad AND step-Dad? What?

  • You liked the abuse, admit it. And you need more of it now.

  • No one should be abused incestuous or not

  • Abuse or desire.....are very close

  • Obviously abuse is physical.

  • And verbal as well

  • All sex should be consensual and between adults, related or unrelated

  • Here is a new on for you lady balls.

    The mother-son lovers each face up to 20 years in prison
    A Massachusetts mom and son pair have been charged with incest and could land in prison for up to 20 years, Mass Live reports.
    The alleged licentious wickedness took place at the Fitchburg, Massachusetts, home Tony L. Lavoie’s shared with his wife and 63-year-old mother, Cheryl Lavoie. It was the wife who caught her 43-year-old husband and mother-in-law in flagrante delicto on the living room couch on May 20.
    Shocked by the mom-son incest, the wife called 911 and summoned Massachusetts police. The mom and son were each charged with felony incest and issued a summons to appear in a Massachusetts court on August 20.
    Yes, she is the Mother in law.

  • I'm the person you refer to as ladyballs, not quite sure who these other are? Lol. Interesting report and obviously I wouldn't of seen it, not being in the USA. I'm not surprised by this news and the wife was obviously the victim in this. But this is a consequence of someone having to life a lie and live under the radar. I don't support cheating at all. The only time I would accept more than two people in a relationship is if it is a polygamy relationship where everyone involved is aware of what's happening. I still feel incest should be legalized and this news article re-enforces that belief for me.

  • That will never happen because if you legalize incest then having children will be legal too. Dumb Fuck.

  • Not all children born from related couples have defects. Genetic testing for couples is always advisable

  • You should look it up before you post it. Cousins incest has a 4% more chance of birth defects. Thats low! However sibling and parental incest raises to 42% chance of birth defects. Look it up before you say no.

  • 42% isn't a high figure. The actual figure between parents with their offspring and siblings would differ and not be a bog standard 42% because 25% of DNA is shared by Siblings and 50% is shared between a parent and offspring. There many things in this world that happen naturally but do have consequence, but it's just the way it is.

    In regards to incest, you can't keep saying oh it's illegal and you are not to do it because all you achieve is forcing people "underground" and these people therefore don't seek advice when needed or receive any support they may require. It's time to wise up to something that has always been part of us as humans and if you like manage it with birth control promote safe sex for families.

  • OMG 42% isn't high are you stoned or stupid? Out of every 100 babies born from Direct incest 42 of them will have birth defects of some kind. And thats not high! Go back underground and stay there. And I can say it's illegal just like drugs are illegal and when some stupid fuck overdoses, Thats one less drug user in this world. When people get caught having incest sex. They get busted and thats one less incest couple in the world.

  • Many babies are born with defects anyway so not all 42 will have defects caused by incest. Hereditary issues passed on has got to be a factor as well as just bad luck. In regards to law I would it's not always correct. Look beyond these man made laws and open your eyes.

  • *say

  • You are a dumb fuck. Just thought you where playing stupid. But you are not.

    Birth defects, also known as congenital anomalies, occur in approximately 3 percent of all live births.

    Thats normal births without incest, ass wipe. Because you are stupid I will lay it out.

    Normal birth defects rate is 3%
    3 out of every 100 babies born have birth defects.

    First cousin incest rate 7%
    7 out of every 100 babies born have birth defects

    Direct Incest birth defects are 42%
    42 out of every 100 babies born have birth defects.

    Now if you can't figure that out then kill yourself because you are too stupid to waste oxygen and emit carbon dioxide.

  • Hi, to all my open minded friends. This guy is clearly a troll, looking for a reaction. Can everyone please stop responding to him. He is not here to debate.

    Thank you

  • Us normal minded people will still post against incest all day long. It's wrong, sick, immoral and illegal. So if you stop posting this fucked up shit, I will have nothing to post to Ass Wipe. Hope you sick fucks get Covid-19 and die from it.

  • The 42% figure you put forward is for parents and not for siblings and half siblings. Me and my sister are half siblings by the way. You can put forward all the figures you like but I will still look at these figures suspiciously because I wasn't there when these tests were conducted or numbers counted. I don't know who these people were. Please don't take every you read as gospel because you don't know how true these articles are? I mean seriously do you believe everything you read or everything you are told on the news? Even without questioning it? How do you know that you aren't being drip fed bullshit?? Next you'll be telling me man did land on the moon lol or George Bush was a great man and wasn't after oil in the Middle East lol

  • You are still stupid and a sick fuck.
    “Don’t have sex with first-degree relatives.” First-degree relatives are the individuals you share 50 percent of your genes with—your parents, children, and siblings.
    They are for siblings dumb fuck. You are so pathetic in your warped mind.
    You don't want to believe it I don't give a shit. If all the incest reports is fake then why make it up and make incest illegal Ass Hole.
    You are replying to me and that means at the time of your reply to me, you are not posting fake shit.
    And for all you sick fucks, when your new sick posts come out I will be there to post my side of incest. There are other people who post that incest is sick and I hope they keep posting too. But get this you will have to live with my posts on how sick incest is and thats too bad. You all know it's bad thats why you keep posting sick fake posts about it.

    Have a nice day sick fucks.

  • Hi, to all my open minded friends. This guy is clearly a troll, looking for a reaction. Can everyone please stop responding to him. He is not here to debate.

    Thank you.

  • Maybe you should stop posting sick illegal incest posts. Can't reply to a post that isn't there.

  • I never said the news reports were fake. I said don't take what you read as gospel, meaning they may not be accurate or completely trustworthy. Nothing I personally have posted is fake. I can't say the same for others but you can definitely tell which posts are definitely fake. We clearly never see eye to eye and that's why I will no longer reply to anything you post because it's pointless to argue with someone like you. Like I always say" you can't argue with stupidity"

  • Thats great, but I will reply to everything you post especially on the new sick posts that are coming out. Live with it or stop posting sick shit.

  • I call all of you incest ass wipes lady balls. Because thats what you got. LADY BALLS.

  • Omg, what loser. Whats wrong with you?

  • Look in the mirror you will see whats wrong loser.

  • Obviously not good with comebacks lol

  • Don't care about comebacks. Care about sick fucks that post fake bull shit about incest and Pedophilia. This is a nice place to read stories but a few sick fucks come here and wreck it by posting fake sick incest shit and some including minors. If an adult or minor comes here and reads that shit. He or she may act on it.

  • I would never support pedophilia as you know. I support incest between adults

  • Get a life fagot

  • Fagot?

  • Excuse she is the mother sorry for the typo.

  • Fake news

  • Google it Dumb Ass

  • In case you are to stupid Google their names.

  • Sick shit totally fucked up fake crap.

  • So I had sex a few times with my mother-in-law before she died and no one ever knew. She was in her late 50's when we started and it lasted until she was in her mid seventies. Yeah and no alcohol was needed only a ready cock and an eager pussy. These "Asses" that rant and rave about incest show how stupid they are by reading about it. Dumb ass don't open the confession!! And no need to reply because I won't take the time to read what you have to say.

  • Thats of ass hat don't read them. But we have just as much right to post on them. That was the most fake story yet.

  • Excuse Me don't read then ass hat. But we still post them. We hate your posts and like ours.

  • Having drinks makes so many girls/moms horny, and they'll do things they would never do sober. Hopefully she'll wear less clothes so you have easier access to her tits and pussy. I hope she's on birth control so you can cum inside her pussy too.

  • Hey lady balls shut up.

  • Not me

  • Fuck you ass wipe you an ass hole too.

  • Sa oled haige kurat. Kena proovida perse auk.

  • Speak English like the story is written.

  • Not everyone speaks English.

  • Emale liginemine selle mõttega ei ole nii lihtne.Palju ei tohi jooki tarvitada,kindlam on ikka kaine peaga proovida.Sul on selle asjaga nädal aega,päris kiireks läheb.Suudlus on alustamiseks esimene peamine asi.Mida pikem suudlus seda rohkem ema sulab,umbes neljandal katsel suudlemise ajal võid ta rindu õrnalt pigistama hakata.Kui ema siis sügavalt sisse-välja hingama hakkab ja hääl väriseb, siis oled juba poolel teel.Pikema suudluse ajal libista oma käsi rinna pealt mööda kõhtu alla poole ja hõõru ta jalgevahet läbi aluspükste.Algul ta võib vastu olla,aga see möödub kiiresti.Kõige õigem on alguses käsi aluspükste säärest sisse ajada,nii tunned kui ta märjaks läheb.See kõik peab toimuma ainult suudlemise ajal.Kui siis ema hakkab vaikselt oigama ja värinal hingama,siis püüa tal kiiresti aluspüksid jalast ära võtta.Siis saad asja kallale asuda.Minul on sellega oma emaga kogemus olemas.Ema on mulle hiljem öelnud et kui ma poleks teda pikalt,pikalt suudelnud oleks ta mulle vastu hakkanud.Võõraste naistega saad teistmoodi hakkama,nagu öeldakse et aega on.Emaga see ei kehti,sest emaga pead ühe soojaga lõpuni minema. Head tunnet siis oma emaga. See on eesti keeles estonian

  • A whole lot of bullshit when you can't write in English.

  • Pole tähtis, mis keeles selle postitate. Sa oled haige kurat. Insesti armastaja paneb sind

  • Pole titties in heels sells prostitute. So old haired karen incest amnesia panned sins.

  • What the hell did you write? If you where trying to translate the post above you it is.

    It doesn't matter what language you post it in. You're a sick hell. The lover of incest makes you

  • Don't be a poof, get on all fours and go woof, woof, woof

  • I just love it when a couple of real clowns carry on like idiots as is happening here, piss off both of you juniors

  • Oh whats the matter with you? Can't jerk off to this sick shit. Poor little Britt go show dad your knickers and see if he will ass fuck you instead.

  • Rude arsehole

  • As long as this incest post is wrecked who cares how.

  • We are sick of this shit.

  • Exactly right! I am sick of this shit as well. It’s one after another of this lame ass shit. Why doesn’t he describe his mother in greater detail so we can fully engulf her in our mind’s eye. Least this be left to ones imagination it would distract from the intimacy of their incestuous dalliance.

    Is she 50s? 40s? Or perhaps 30s, an age where one still holds hope of retained youth as she stands nude and gazes a moment too long in her full length mirror. Her breast not as pert and perky as in her genuine youth, but not bad she thinks to herself as almost unconsciously she finds the tip of her raspberry painted fingernail of right index finger lightly encircling the sensitive tip of her swollen right nipple. A age when such an indiscretion to oneself would still generate a blush and a ruddied chest. The silliness of the moment splashing a red-wine inspired upward curl to the outside edges of her raspberry painted lips and her eyes retain their gaze as she finishes assessing herself.

    Is she blonde? Brunette? Perhaps some shade purchased over-the-counter and applied in her bathroom or applied by the local community college school of Cosmetology. Or does she have professional services coddle her, spending untold hours at the day spa, hair, nails, hot rock massage and coloring along with hot wax removal of any tale-tell signs of premature graying?

    Is she active? Is she educated? This is shit we need to know to get a proper jerk off on.

  • I know his mom I will describe her for you. She is in her forties and is toothless from all the crack and meth she smokes. But she is nothing but skin and bone. She mostly bald and her pussy is shot. But her ass is still good for you. All you need is some crack or meth and a can of Raid to kill the crabs you will get form fucking her ass.

  • Yes, I can envision her now. Now I can enjoy my jolly right good wank. Thanks!

  • From sorry hope it didn't mess up your jacking sessions.

  • Speak for yourself!! Lol

  • God lady balls you are pathetic. You can't comprehend what he said.

  • If you know she has plans on you trying to do something or you on her, try to turn a discussion to an erotic level, like her memories of younger age with her bfs etc. I hope when she wants to have a couple of drinks around the house drop a sleeping pill in it and wait till she goes to bed. When deep in sleep, play with her body - whole body taking off her night dress including her knickers. Leave her that way just covering her with a sheet. See her reaction in the morning - whether she talks to you about the last night. If yes, admit that you want her to have sex. If not, continue the act for the next night without dropping a sleeping pill in her drink - she enjoyed it last time, no doubt. The ice is broken in either case!!

  • There's never an excuse for tape. He should approach this in an adult fashion

  • So drug her and rape her. What happens if you give her too much sleeping pills? You kill her and go to prison sick fuck

  • * rape

  • So you want him to commit rape ass hole. You fucking Britts are disgusting. Is that the only you can get a laid is the drug them and fuck their motionless bodies. God you sick.

  • Not all Brits are disgusting

  • You are if you like this Shit.

  • You obviously love it!!! Lol you keep coming back for more

  • Your mother would slap the shit out of you if she saw this post.

  • Maybe, but I have actually been part of a threesome where it was my friend his mother and me, she didnt slap him

  • Bull shitt

  • True story man, why would I lie on a confessions post site.

  • 99 percent of these posts are lies

  • Fantasies

  • Because thats all you got lie's.

  • Thats all the sick incest fucks can think about. A few virgins stuck in the basement .

  • Yet you take the time to read on this website. As you sit there jacking off

  • Lol

  • No I just post my hatred for incest. You are the sick fuck to posts fake crap.

  • If it sickens you, then quit reading confessions were the title implies it. Except you probably do read all them because it gets you off thinking about it.

  • Well said!

  • Lady Balls shut up.

  • 😭😭😭😭😭 lady Balls shut up 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • 😭😭😭😭 i want my mommy 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Just as you can write lie's up about this crap. We can speak the truth about incest. It's sick and you are fucked up for even thinking of it. Ass hole.

  • You don't know anything about true incest

  • Told you Lady Balls shut up.

  • I know enough It is easy to understand. If you sleep with family members you and your family member are sick fucks and breaking the law. Now Shut the fuck up lady balls we know it is illegal where you live. Fuck head.

  • Blah blah sticks and stones

  • It's ok look at the replies! can't jerk off to these can you? Too bad boo hoo so sad like your life.

  • More incest crap? Enough already.

  • It's called naughty post for a reason. If you dont like just skip,

  • I am open to comment on things I like, or dislike. If you don't want to accept criticism, don't post.

  • People like me are starting to get sick of you crap. Incest is done for stupid.and Jeeps suck built by Fiat.

  • You really hurt my feelings except I own a tj so the who fiat thing doesn't apply. Sounds like someone got touched by their dad when they were young

  • Fiat owns jeep ass hole They make the rules on how jeep is made. Cheap thats how. Plus all the money goes to Fiat. Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep are no longer an American car company. Foreigner's own them. More Oil Parts And Repair- Mopar It ain't no car.

  • If you know what a tj is then you would know that in 1998 Chrysler was not part of the fiat group dumbass. So my jeep was not and is not a fiat built p.o.s. you should have done your homework about the tj wranglers before you posted . And yes I know fiat owns Chrysler and has for the past few years , so go back to jerking off to my confession,

  • Who cares about 1998 Chrysler That was the pure junk era for Chrysler Let me guess! You have the crappy 2.5L engine that lasted for about 50,000 miles. You can't even find good blocks to rebuild that junk. And the 4.0L straight six was almost as bad with oil pump failures, bad crankshaft oiling passages that caused spun bearings. That engine wouldn't idle right at all. Shock like a dog shitting razorblades. The steering system was so weak if you dared to take it off road you where lucky if the steering wheel wasn't turned 90deg from straight when going straight. Oh lets not forget the 181 FBI AXLE 7.23 inch front diff oh boy where they a piece of shit. And the 194 RBI AXLE Diff wasn't much better. Snapped axle shafts blown pinion gears and leaked more gear oil then it held. You want to talk about the rear frame rotting above the tires too. Or have I said enough about your crappy cheap Jeep.

  • Lol. Why so mad every time you respond man. ?

  • Because he's a wanker lol

  • That whats all you sick fucks are, wankers. How do you like this confession and all the nice encouraging replies? Hope you can get off to this.

  • I know more about your Jeep than you do. I'm not mad just sick of people like you that post fucking sick incest crap. It is sick and fake all most as bad as pedophilic posts. Thats why.

  • How do you like you confession and replies?

  • Sure you do , then dont go on the fucking internet and look at sites where it is talked about you probably were touched when you were a kid and your doing the same to some kid as what happens to you.

  • Jeep sucks especially the 1998 models. Good thing most are all ready recycled Toyota's now.

  • Nope wasn't touched as a kid.There is a few of us here who fight the posting of incest and pedophilic posts. We are in disgust of what you post. You dumb fucks get off on posting this shit. What you don't think of or don't care to, is the fact some child or parent can come and read your sick posts and act on them. If we didn't tell them the other side of incest, Those people wouldn't see thats wrong and illegal. Don't start with the where it is legal dumb fuck, we know incest is illegal where you live. And maybe my posting will stop a parent from harming a child, A sibling from harming a family member. If I caught you or anyone doing that to a child, I would inject lead right into their head. You don't want to hear from me or anyone else then go back to the dark web where we can't see your sick posts. God some ass hole posted that he should drug and rape their mother. I have read words that should never have been put together and it sickens me. The person that said your mother would hit you if she knew about your sick posts is right. I would rather rag you about your Jeep then talk about incest. Find something else to write about or go somewhere else. As long as you think you have the right to post this crap. We have just as much to post our hatred towards you posts.

  • He wasn't touched as a kid but he wanted to be! Now the guilt has mad him mad! 😭

  • Nice try but I laugh at your stupid posts and you I don't get angry even when I post Fuck you. How do you like this post can't jerk off to it. It doesn't have the bite you where hopping for. Every time a new one comes out will hammer that one too. Enjoy sick fucks.

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