Summer camp memories

One summer, I went to sleep-over summer camp with my best friend. We were in the same cabin. At first I didn't want to go, but my beastie - Shelly convinced me to go with her, because she went the year before, while I was on vacation with my family.
One night while our countless were out socializing after our bedtime, all the girls started chatting and having fun as we always did when our counselors left. On this particular night, we started playing truth or dare. One of the girls dared another girl to act like she was giving a blow job to her hair brush. As we all laughed and cheered her on, we noticed that Shelly was giving her specific instructions on how to do it.
Most of us girls had probably never done it in real life, so I think it raised some curiosity. When it was Shelly's turn to accept a truth or dare, one of the girls asked her if it was true that she had actually sucked a real cock? When she said it was true, we all got excited and started asking questions. Shelly got bright red and said it was fun and exciting to have the man cum in her mouth, and that while kind of salty, she loved the taste. When the who was it question came up, Shelly was like, "I already said too much and it's supposed to be a secret between me and my special person. Then she asked the next girl "Truth or dare?" Before we could start another round, our counselor came in and made us all go to bed, because our laughter could be heard outside our cabin.
A few weeks after summer camp, I was having a sleepover at Shelly's house. While we were in her room, I asked her who the older man was, because I thought I knew everyone she knew, since we've been friends since kindergarten. She told me that she couldn't tell me. This confused me, because we NEVER kept secrets from each other. We always told each other EVERYTHING.
She told me that she couldn't tell me, because she could get someone she really loved in BIG TROUBLE. I swore to her that I wouldn't tell anyone. But what she said to me, changed something in me forever. She said that she isn't going to say who it was specifically, but that he was really handsome and lived in her house with her, and if I ever told anyone, she would deny it and we would NEVER be friends again.
So I did the math, she lives with her mother, father, and little sister. Both of her parents are good looking and her father is in construction and stays in great shape.
My confession is that ever since I learned that she has been sucking her father's cock and enjoying his cum, I have been fantasizing about sucking my own father's cock. I get so wet imagining what it would be like to suck his cock and taste his cum. OMG - I gotta go now and take care of my wet pussy now. I surely hope to get a chance to taste my daddy's cock one day.

3 months ago


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    • I just found out that the Burger King poster puts feces in her girlfriend's vagina and eats it out. Swear to God.

    • Suck my dick im not your dad

    • You can have so much fun in sleeping bags.....that’s what the camp counselor taught me

    • I dated an outstanding fellatrix that drunkenly admitted she grew up sucking her father off most nights. She claimed she didn't remember how it started but it stopped when she started having sex with boys her age and she found herself physically wanting to bone her dad but knowing that was too far.

      I knew I should be grossed out, horrified for her and supportive but I found myself incredibly aroused and blurted encouragement to her resuming blowing her dad when she saw him again. She lamented that EVERY guy she admitting this part of her past to had suggested the same thing. She added most guys also wanted her to screw her dad. I had thought about saying that but hadn't. I felt I dodged a bullet on that point.

      She didn't get why all us guys seemed so turned on by this part of her abusive upbringing. I had no answers for her. I wasn't and am not into incest but I recognized how her tale effected me. I don't know WHY it effects others so

    • Fake cake!

    • One Time I was having Lunch at Burger King and then in comes a group of Midgets carrying their King who was wearing nothing but a Robe and the Burger King Crown, holding a Scepter and his Throne was a Toilet.

      The King was also barefoot and he had what looked like his underwear around his ankles and oh my god the moment this asshole came in I couldn't tell what smelled worse his feet or the shit he was taking in the restaurant as I can see everyone in the restaurant either laughing or groaning in disgust seeing a grown man sitting on the toilet in a restaurant wearing only a Crown, Robe, and his Underwear.

      Then King Feet got off his Porcelain Throne without wiping his own ass and pulled up his underwear; dear God help us if anyone saw his Penis. He then stuck his barefoot in the toilet and everyone in the restaurant was showing disgust as Burger King employees began yelling at King Feet and his Court Jesters to get the Hell out of Burger King as they were violating Health Violations.

      Then King Feet took his foot out of the Toilet and began to Smell His shit covered Fucking Feet in the middle of the damn restaurant as other diners were really getting sickened.

      Then the Midgets carried King Feet over to my Table and then King Feet snatched my Whopper, put his foot in my whopper and started sucking his toes on my whopper.

      I was so mad I hit King Feet with my Drink and took his scepter and whacked him and caused him too fall off his toilet throne smashing it to the ground leaving turds and broken toilet shards on the floor of Burger King as Burger King staff came to drag this half naked King out of Burger King.

      My day was officially Ruined but Ding Dong the Burger King is Dead.

    • One particularly damaging result of incest is trauma bonding, in which survivors incorporate the aberrant views of their abusers about the incestuous relationship. As a result, victims frequently associate the abuse with a distorted form of caring and affection that later negatively influences their choice of romantic relationships. This can often lead to entering a series of abusive relationships.
      According to Christine Courtois (Healing the Incest Wound: Adult Survivors in Therapy) and Richard Kluft (“Ramifications of incest” in Psychiatric Times), greater symptom severity for incest survivors is associated with:
      * Longer duration of abuse
      * Frequent abuse episodes
      * Penetration
      * High degree of force, coercion and intimidation
      * Transgenerational incest
      * A male perpetrator
      * Closeness of the relationship
      * Passive or willing participation
      * Having an erotic response
      * Self-blame and shame
      * Observed or reported incest that continues
      * Parental blame and negative judgment
      * Failed institutional responses: shaming, blaming, ineffectual effort
      * Early childhood onset.

    • Early childhood onset
      Incest that begins at a young age and continues for protracted periods — the average length of incest abuse is four years — often results in avoidance-based coping skills (for example, avoidance of relationships and various dissociative phenomena). These trauma-forged coping skills form the foundation for present and future interpersonal interactions and often become first-line responses to all or most levels of distress-producing circumstances.
      More than any other type of child abuse, incest is associated with secrecy, betrayal, powerlessness, guilt, conflicted loyalty, fear of reprisal and self-blame/shame. It is of little surprise then that only 30 percent of incest cases are reported by survivors. The most reliable research suggests that 1 in 20 families with a female child have histories of father-daughter child sexual abuse, whereas 1 in 7 blended families with a female child have experienced stepfather-stepdaughter child sexual abuse (see the revised edition of The Secret Trauma: Incest in the Lives of Girls and Women by Diana E. H. Russell, published in 1999).
      In 1986, David Finkelhor, known for his work on child sexual abuse, indicated that among males who reported being sexually abused as children, 3 percent reported mother-son incest. However, most incest-related research has focused on father-daughter or stepfather-stepdaughter incest, which is the focus of this article!

    • Subsequent studies of incest survivors indicated that being eroticized early in life disrupted these individuals’ adult sexuality. In comparison with nonincest controls, survivors experienced sexual intercourse earlier, had more sex partners, were more likely to have casual sex with those outside of their primary relationships and were more likely to engage in sex for money. Thus, survivors of incest are at an increased risk for revictimization, often without a conscious realization that they are being abused. This issue often creates confusion for survivors because the line between involuntary and voluntary participation in sexual behavior is blurred.
      An article by Sandra Stroebel and colleagues, published in 2013 in Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, indicates that risk factors for father-daughter incest include the following:
      * Exposure to parent verbal or physical violence
      * Families that accept father-daughter nudity
      * Families in which the mother never kisses or hugs her daughter (overt maternal affection was identified as a protective factor against father-daughter incest)
      * Families with an adult male other than the biological father in the home (i.e., a stepfather or substitute father figure).

    • Finally, some qualitative research notes that in limited cases, mothers with histories of being sexually abused as a child wittingly or unwittingly contribute to the causal chain of events leading to father-daughter incest. Furthermore, in cases in which a mother chooses the abuser over her daughter, the abandonment by the mother may have a greater negative impact on her daughter than did the abuse itself. This rejection not only reinforces the victim’s sense of worthlessness and shame but also suggests to her that she somehow “deserved” the abuse. As a result, revictimization often becomes the rule rather than the exception, a self-fulfilling prophecy that validates the victim’s sense of core unworthiness!

    • Beyond the physical and psychological harm caused by father-daughter incest, Courtois notes that the resulting family dynamics are characterized by:
      * Parent conflict
      * Contradicting messages
      * Triangulation (for example, parents aligned against the child or perpetrator parent-child alignment against the other parent)
      * Improper parent-child alliances within an atmosphere of denial and secrecy
      Furthermore, victims are less likely to receive support and protection due to family denial and loyalty than if the abuser were outside the family or a stranger. Together, these circumstances often create for survivors a distorted sense of self and distorted relationships with self and others. If the incest begins at an early age, survivors often develop an inherent sense of mistrust and danger that pervades and mediates their perceptions of relationships and the world as a whole.


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